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Thread: Jon Bloodspray's One Man Road Show

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    Jon Bloodspray's One Man Road Show

    I know a lot of you know this, but at the end of June of this year, almost immediately following the Midwest NARP, I'm moving from Toledo, Ohio to Portland, Oregon. That's a pretty long drive, and things like sleeping in beds can get really expensive, really fast. I'd also like to take my time, and not have to do one huge day of driving after another, after another. So to get to the point, who has a couch I can crash on the way? I'd actually like to plan my trip around seeing Dtoiders, and don't mind adding time if it means getting to hang out with you guys.

    Here's what the most direct route looks like. Don't let it sway you if you think you're too far out of the way, I'll travel a bit further for the hospitality. I also have a cousin in Vegas, so I might be making the jaunt south regardless.

    So forum family, help a brother out?


    Here is my current route.
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    Are you here to be a part of the community, or just to spam bullshit?

    Honest question.

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    I didn't know you were moving! What's taking you out west?

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    It's not Toledo.

    My best friend lives out there now, and he and his wife want to stay in one place for a couple years (she's a traveling nurse) to finish and upgrade their degrees. They need a roommate, and don't want a random person. I've lived with both of them before, so we all know we get along.

    Plus, it's not Toledo, or even Ohio.

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    Sounds cool! You'd also be well placed for PAX.

    I just feel sorry for the East now.

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    Well I never did much for the East Coast aside from those members that came to Ohio, and the Midwest is being entrusted to ZP, so I think everything will be ok.

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    I live in Dubuque, IA. You're more than welcome to crash. Some fine ass food in this town too.

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    If all things go according to plan I'll be living with my bass player then (either at his current place or in a new place), so if you want to stop by KC and crash for the night that'd be fine.

    Keep us updated on your traveling plans and whatnot and I'll update you on when that actually happens. The plan is basically when I finish paying off this car from my friend (should be next check, almost all of my money is going towards it) I move out.

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    I know you're not gonna be in Cali, but you and any Dtoider is welcome to bed at my house.
    My tribe will bless you with blankets pillows and food.

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    Too bad Houston is way further south than your route.

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    Actually Goby, I just spoke to my cousin in Vegas and I'll be stopping there. It's only what, 5 hours? I'll take your blankets.

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    If you make that trip you guys have to build a blanket fort. Promise me this.

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    If you're going as far south as Vegas, Phoenix isn't that much further. Should you make your way down here, you'd have your choice of either a bed, a couch, or a six-foot LoveSac.

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    Hey man, if you need to be raped and murdered by my psychotic mother a place to stay, my door is always open.

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    You are in the complete wrong direction, Sir.

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    And you are not the person I was speaking to, Zombie.

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    That's fine, since I never bought into the "speak when spoken to" dogma, Head.

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    You should at least consider the option. It would be a nice change of pace if nothing else.

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    Thank you for your opinion, I will be sure to take it into consideration. Totally.

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