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Thread: Battlefield 3 - Dtoid's Elite Battlefield 3 Platoon vs Usedtabe's Gears 3 Baby Clan

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    I'm down for anything.

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    Good because you're gonna get raped if you're on the "other" team.

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    Yours? Idk I'd rather play with people that I've played with on a regular basis.

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    That's the "other" team then. Enjoy the sodomy bby.

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    I think I can handle 2 inches of cock in my ass.

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    I was referring to myself not Randy.

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    oh sorry, 1 inch.

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    On a good day. Blasto makes me stand at a straight 7 though cuz thug swag.

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    "*sigh* I wish we could just have gay butt sex instead of playing videogames."

    --Mr Andy Dixon

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    From what I hear you're already living that dream because you never play games anymore.

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    Any PS3 users who happen to see this, I will not just make the effort, I will be playing this Fri/Sat, for
    most of the evenings anything after 4PMPST. I wanna see what the other PS3 users here are made of.
    My plans were to play competitively if you're up for that.

    PSN: DualFace (or I can send invites if preferred)

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    Pick one.

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    Mix is the only one I know who plays on PS3.

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    So we need to get this done so I can trade in this POS.

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