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Thread: Your top 10 favorite pokemons?

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    That's a different song, bro. As is this oneL:

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    Well, this thread derailed pretty quick.

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    My favorite Pokey Man is Mr. Penis!

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    My favourite Pokémon is Arcannine!

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    Shane next time you see N7 ask him to show you the present I brought him to PAX East.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GlowBear View Post
    My favourite Pokémon is Arcannine!

    You are a wonderful human being who deserves all of my penis. I just want you to know this. <3

    Quote Originally Posted by ClownBaby View Post
    Shane next time you see N7 ask him to show you the present I brought him to PAX East.
    Oh dear god. It wasn't lingerie, was it?

    I dunno. I guess it wouldn't be so bad as long as he was the one wearing it.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ZombiePlatypus View Post
    "X person is mean ot me"
    My name is not "X"

    You always hear about how Table and Bloo anfd KD and the "SUpa friends" are harsh but they've always seemed nice to me." I don;lt even like people generally, I don;t know how I get along with peole.
    Because you don't come off as a complete retard. Most(not all) of the forum people don't either, but goddam when the FP people play with us it's assbergers-ville the entire time. The only humor they can tolerate/understand is regurgitated podtoid shit. Bloo would quit the party if he saw we had some FP people for FNF with us it was so bad.

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    I take it your not a podtoid fan ?

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    I don't usually listen to people talk about videogames, so not really.

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    Fair enough dude though these days it's mostly about fucking Jonathan Holmes in the ass and 2 minutes about video games which is getting a little weird

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    Well that solidifies exactly what I'm not missing in my life lol. To each their own though.

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    LOL good point

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    My favourite pokémon is Agumon.

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    In no order (except tyranitar who is my fav) and on topic because fuck it:

    , Dragonite, Eevee, Garchomp, Togekiss, (Shiny) Charizard, Typhlosion, Eelektross, (Shiny, for lulz) Alakazam, and [A tie between a lot of 'em, but if I must I will say.....DragonBearmon)

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    I may as well submit to this...

    I've only ever owned HeartGold, and only really played Gold before that. So most of these will be based on my experience with that. I also could not give a shit about stats or competition, because that's what boners do.


    I wanted a Chikorita on HG (I started with Cyndaquil) and got one from DoomsdayForte named Salad. As I levelled it up to Meganium I found myself liking it more and more and it eventually became my main Pokémon.


    Initially because of the meme. Later because Horn Drill 4 times in a row and other acts of badassery.


    Ekans is kinda shitty. But is is Snake spelt backwards.


    It's a badass dragon.


    Cute little shit. I like having it as my following pokémon.


    Such a bro.


    STARTER. So many grass noobs pwnd.


    Coolest first generation starter by far.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tarvu View Post
    I also could not give a shit about stats or competition, because that's what boners do.
    Call me a boner then. Though my list wasn't influenced by stats nor was my team influenced by my favorites.

    Can't believe I forgot Pikachu/Ekans. Love those guys.

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    Well, if you want to be called a boner that's fine by me.


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    Can we go back to talking about toys from the 80s again?

    Battle Beasts:


    Also, 1. Kadabra 2. Charizard 3. Machoke 4. Hitmonlee 5. Pidgeot 6. Sandslash 7. Dragonite 8. Haunter 9. Geodude 10. Mewtwo

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    GRAVLAR (for his sick skills and move and bacause i have no frinds and can't evolve him)

    Here is a pic:


    here i will post a pic:

    Next up (3) is slopoke because he is slick and funny and has psychic powers\

    Pic of slopok:

    4 is slobrow you should have guessed


    if you think sloking is #5 then you are wrong because it is primape,, i only like the original 151 Plus hoho because the caroon.
    primate pictue:

    6 is jinx, but only the male ones from my fanfics (NO PIC AVAILAEL)

    7 ACTUALLy I LIKE MANKEY more than primape so MANKEY = 5, PRIMATE = 6 and MALE JINKX = 7 (on the top ten list of mine)

    0= =====| |======0
    | - |
    _| | _

    8 pikachu (because of smashbrother)

    9 Chansey becasue I want to have sex with nurse joy

    10 the victory bell


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