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Thread: The Forums now support the Forum Runner and Tapatalk mobile apps!

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    The Forums now support the Forum Runner and Tapatalk mobile apps!

    Along with the upgrade to vBulletin version 4.1.12, Niero's installed a plugin for Forum Runner. It's an app for iOS and Android (Blackberry & Windows Mobile apps are planned for the future) that makes the Forums much more friendly for mobile users. The free version lets you browse the Forums, but will open your web browser if you want to reply to any thread. Dropping $1.99 for the full version gives you access to a number of other features including the ability to reply from inside the app. Andy's tested the iOS version, and I'm been playing around with the Android app. Check out the free version to see if you dig it! All you need to do is go to the search box, type in "Destructoid", and you're set. Niero should be installing support for Tapatalk soon, I'll update this post once that's live. EDIT: Tapatalk support is live!

    Google Play: (Android)

    Forum Runner Free

    Forum Runner ($1.99)

    Tapatalk ($2.99)

    App Store: (iOS)

    Forum Runner Free

    Forum Runner ($1.99)

    Tapatalk ($2.99)


    Tapatalk ($2.99)

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    Nice. Gonna try out the free version for Android.

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    Forum Runner Free is working great and looks slick and sexy so far. I'll be upgrading soon, so I'll let you know how the "pro" features work after I've checked it out. (Unless somebody beats me to it!)

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    Playing around with the paid version now. In addition to letting you reply in app, you can set it up so your phone will receive push notifications for PMs and thread subscriptions. Neat! Full list of features is on the web site.

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    Tapatalk support is up and running! Sadly there's no free version to try out, so check some reviews before you drop the cash!

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    tapatalk is decent, just make sure whatever forums you visit often are supported, this one definitely ups the value

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    I'm going to wait until people decide which one is best then get that one. One app to rule them all.

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    I tried out the free version of Forum Runner and wasn't all that happy with it. It's been uninstalled.

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    Definitely a step up from trying to post in my mobile browser. I'm happy with Forum Runner myself, but it definitely doesn't compare to a desktop browser.

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    Took a screenie of tapatalk for those interested

    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Can you quote with that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZombiePlatypus View Post
    Can you quote with that?
    yes, regular quoting and multi quotes, i'd honestly never used it before yesterday. i had bought it a while ago when i went to the unreal boards a lot but forgot i even had it

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    Quote Originally Posted by nmcmahan52 View Post
    yes, regular quoting and multi quotes, i'd honestly never used it before yesterday. i had bought it a while ago when i went to the unreal boards a lot but forgot i even had it
    Are you on the Gears forums by any chance? Name looks familiar.

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    i've posted on there some, i'm godawful terrible at gears though but i enjoy it

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    Hate that forum. So full of asspies it's unreal. Which probably explains why I've been banned at least 8 times, but most of those were Epic mad that I kept bringing up problems with their game. 3 of them specifically for mentioning that in Gears 2, your data could be wiped. This was before they were owning up to it and were still trying to keep it "hush hush" because they know fuck all about communicating with their community.


    Anyway, glad to see not everyone there is full on retarded and only goes to their forums.

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    Here's a screen of Forum Runner, for those interested.


    I like the looks of Tapatalk better I think, but Forum Runner was cheaper and does everything I need it to do (including mod stuff) so I'm happy with the purchase.

    No multiquote as far as I can tell, though, but single quoting works fine.

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    Forums on my phone. It's like the ultimate dream.

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    Tapatalk is also available on Windows Phone 8, if anyone besides me uses it. It's been out for a while but its had a few recent updates that really make it it's free.

    Also, the app says Dtoid is running an outdated plug in for the forum. Anyone in the admin/mods know if they can update that plug-in to prevent errors?

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    Updating plugins is something the Boss has to do, even as Admins we don't have access to that. I'm not showing that message when I use Tapatalk though, is it only happening with Windows 8 phones?

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    Nope. Happens with ForumRunner on my iPad and on my Galaxy S4.

    Sounds universal from both plugins on three separate devices.

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