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Thread: Smell Disabled

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    Smell Disabled

    This is a thread about one particular type of disability: the lack of a sense of smell. I started this thread in hopes that I could find others like me, who can not smell.

    My own lack of smell actualy stems from a problem in the gray matter between my ears. Apparently, the part of my brain that allows me to have a sense of smell is damaged, but my nose works perfectly fine. My disability results in an altered sense of taste, and my idea of good food is based more on the texture than other people. While I can not sense smell, my nose ocassionaly sens out "do not like!" signals to my brain, so I can sometimes tell if something smells bad.

    I plan on getting a sniffing pig eventualy, which is my version a seeing eye dog.

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    My sense of smell is actually very poor, so I am oblivious to scents that others are very familiar with. Whether it is due to my nose malfunctioning or a problem with my brain, I don't know.

    While I sometimes wish I had a better sense of smell, all things considered, if one sense of mine were to be impaired, I am glad it is that and not the others.

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    Good news is, I have no troulbe taking out the garbage.

    Bad news is, I can't tell when deadly gases are slowly leaking into my house.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IncredibleMeh View Post
    Good news is, I have no troulbe taking out the garbage.

    Bad news is, I can't tell when deadly gases are slowly leaking into my house.
    I don't like taking out the garbage because I can still see and feel garbage getting on my hands, or worse, GARBAGE WATER.

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    Dang, been a while, thread seems to have gone dead.

    Let's see if I can revive it, for the sake of interesting conversation.

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    If I've seen a movie before, and I see it again with someone who hasn't, I can go in their brain while the movie is playing and it's like I'm watching it for the first time all over again.

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    Potential downside - they've seen a film you haven't yet. SPOILERS

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gatsby View Post
    I actually have that same superpower, except I need to eat their brains to get the same effect.
    I actually get their powers when I do that. Somebody told me they used my ability in a TV show but I was like, yeah, right...

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