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Thread: Question about production of the DTOID show

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    Question about production of the DTOID show

    Well I'm obviously new, and probably not even posting this in the right place, but people here seem friendlier than most forums, and this is related to DTOID, so, Imma ask away!

    I've been plagued for quite some time abut this issue: as a connoisseur of the old Youtube vidja production, I'm quite curious about what sort of editing software they use to to create the DTOID show.

    I'm also intrigued by the stock music they use in the background. Where can I get it, or what would that video-gamey, calm music be classified as so I can look for an uncopyrighted piece?

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    I hear they use film to record the episodes and stitch all of it together by hand WHILE HAVING AN ORGY.

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    I think what he means to say is you might want to email them or ask on twitter, because we have no fucking clue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SquareKietGaming View Post
    but people here seem friendlier than most forums
    D'awwwww, and I wanted to be cold and rude to you but now I can't.

    But yeah, what Dolphin said.

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    Nobody who has anything to do with the production of it is going to stumble across this thread, so yeah go about contacting them though other means.

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