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Thread: Need a gamer in San Fran for $60 a month opportunity

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    Need a gamer in San Fran for $60 a month opportunity

    I'm a Dallas gamer.. huge Dtoid reader (indigit4l) also a web-design guy. I need to advertise in San Francisco my web design ads on Craigslist there... I am completely honest, I don't accept deposits from my customers like a lot of the scammers out there. It's just impossible to post ads w/ geo-IP technology in SF.

    Anyways! I need someone in SF area who wants to make an easy $60 a month for letting me remote desktop in and post a few of my web-design ads a day. I brought this to the dtoid forums because I'd rather give the opportunity to the community, maybe a student and fellow-gamer who would be interested in leaving a spare computer on so I can post some ads... It's Teamviewer (rdp) so you will see exactly what I'm doing, there's nothing more to it. I post the ads through your PC.

    Hit me up if you're interested and in the SF Area. IF not in SF, please don't bother (although if in some other major city then sure let's talk) ... I'll paypal you the first weeks $15 immediately!! $60 isn't a lot but it adds up for me and it's really all I can afford... It's your internet bill taken care of... Thanks guys

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    Intro thread, good sir. Otherwise people are going to think that you don't care about us, and that you're just peddling wares.

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    Peddling wares means I'm trying to sell something.. I'm offering to pay, which in this economy, especially for a student, might help someone.. But what you're implying, I do understand. What kind of intro thread... I reply to articles and have never been into forums really so I don't know what that is. Again I do understand it could be misconstrued.

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    I have a free Arkham City code for Windows that came with my new SSD I would throw in! That's if it doesn't make you use some kinda hardware validation... I had already bought Arkham City on a Black Friday Origin sale... but this code hasn't been used yet.

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    Have you tried the C-blogs? Might get more attention there.

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    Why would you need to remote?


    BOOM. San Fran Craigslist. Post...done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KingSlayer View Post
    Peddling wares means I'm trying to sell something..
    You're selling more than you know. Intro post or I burn the place down.

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    Clown baby... for whatever reason craigslist has geo ip.. google craigslist geo ip if you don't know what that is.. certain sections you can and others you can't i don't know why it's like that...

    ok i'll make an intro thread, get ready for it

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    Trying to start a Dtoid community meet-up LAN party in DFW, as I'm capable of hosting. Anyone interested hit me up! http://forum.destructoid.com/showthr...52#post1028352

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    Thanks man I'm going to try! Someone who replies on topic is SO very appreciated to find on the internet~!

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    I live on the outskirts of Houston south of your area. Major city but I'm sure as a Dallas resident you're well aware.

    It's relatively local, though, so I doubt that's what you're looking for.

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    If that's how earning money worked you'd be rich by now bro.

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    I hope this is where you were wanting to get to bby

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