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Thread: Geek And Sundry?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Godstar View Post
    Or potatoes.
    /sigh potatoes make me pewp.

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    Food tends to do that.

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    I subscribed to the channel and enjoyed the inaugural tabletop game 'show' well enough. Bring on the new season of The Guild *runs for cover*.

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    Hahahah, There was a Video on the subscribe page about the fact that they are giving away 4 Xbox 360's Friday and Saturday If you subscribe and link friends, I was going to Post it, but yet again my girlfriend told me it would probably be in my best interests not to do that, because apparently I tend to do and say shit I shouldn't.

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    Felicia Day looks like she constantly is about to sneeze. I can't fully support that.

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    are like mini orgasms.... and I like a girl who's always almost there...

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    All this talk of tabletop shows has reminded me of Robert Florence's brilliant Downtime Town website. Too bad it didn't draw in the figures like consoleVania.

    I'm pretty indifferent to Felicia Day. A jack of all trades, a master of none. Very few things she does end up being focused on her, and as much as she could promote anything for alternative culture, people see her as the core subject. Not that she minds, and I guess a girl's got to eat when her profession is...er...being herself.

    I mean, honestly, one minute she's acting, the next she's releasing a song, now she jumps over to presenting. Again, the major presence is her as a brand. I don't see how she's any different to Katie Price/Jordan or any number of UK celebs who sell nothing but themselves. It just so happens that she fills the niche of "geek girl".

    Whatever the case, I watched a bit of that Geeks and Sundry. It was a good production, but ultimately, central to the proceedings (and you saw this throughout visually and through the writing) was Day. Everything else was secondary, a set-up for one her punchline quirks. Kind of reminds me of Lisa Foiles, actually. I always wonder if there are better representations of alt. girls, out there. I mean, I've hung around with enough of them and I tend to think my missus fits the bill, but they're not the fey-safe types that internet is interested in.

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    You know how you can tell Wil Wheaton is a real geek?

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    That or he's really beetlejuice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sir Legendhead View Post
    You know how you can tell Wil Wheaton is a real geek?

    Isn't that Lerch from the Munsters?

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    I wonder if if you say in front of a mirror 3 times he'll appear

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aerox View Post
    Ok, well, since I have an early enough forum join date to actually bring this up, let's discuss it. Specifically TableTop, because that's the only one I watched.

    I thought it was going to be a lame pile of shit, but it was actually really good. Insanely well produced, entertaining, and it makes me want to play the game. A buddy of mine who actually owns the game was a little annoyed that they apparently made a couple rules errors while they played, but he thought it was good enough that he said it was a better tutorial to the game than sitting around reading the rules, and that he's going to make everyone watch it before our next board game night.

    I have no strong feeling about Felicia Day either way, so I didn't care to watch her blog. Did anyone watch Sword and Laser? That's the only other one I'm interested in.

    I actually like Felicia Day (even though it that seems to be an unpopular sentiment here) and Wil Wheaton (I actually IMed with him very briefly when he had that info publicly listed, shortly after he delisted it, hmm). Not sure if you already knew (or care), but Wheaton's a pretty well known table top gaming enthusiast. He tweets and blogs about his game nights quite a bit.

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