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Thread: Games You Wish Didnt Have Sequels

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    Games You Wish Didnt Have Sequels

    Saw the thread about game series you wish had been continued... what about series' you wish hadn't been continued? For whatever reason, whether it be that the sequel wasn't up-to-standard or unnessessary etc?

    My particular irk about this is Bioshock... I absolutely loved the original but it was such a well-rounded and complete story that it didn't need a sequel. Its the kind of game where they had already told their story, and then thought "Hey, this is popular, lets make another". Just money-spinning. Annoying, annoying money-spinning XD

    Anyone else have any series like this?

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    inb4 Mass Effect

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    If they learned from the failings of Bioshock 2 to make Bioshock Infinite better than so be it. The story for Battlefield: Bad Company 1 never needed a sequel and if it did they needed to continue the story rather than throw away the ending of the last game and make a shit campaign.

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    Ok, I don't hate Fable II that much. But... Fable II.

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    Fable did seem to lose it's run. I liked Fable II, but not enough to repeat it ever.

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    Fable needed a prequel around the Old Kingdom era SO MUCH.

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    I agree with Sam, over the Fable II/III era bullshit.

    BioShock 2 was terrible, but I love the gameplay enough that I enjoyed it.

    I wish KOTOR had a completed sequel.

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    Somebody gonna say Modern Warfare?

    I liked the first one, and the second one actually, but the rinse and repeat business style is lazy/involves no innovation whatsoever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tarvu View Post
    I wish KOTOR had a completed sequel.
    lol I know right? They need to fix everything about that game and then release it on Steam. I would buy the shit out of that.

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    TOR was the sequel.

    lolno I'm trolling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mighty Hatman View Post
    Yes it does, TONY.

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    Also, Tarvu whispers it in his sleep.

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    I don't know if there are any games that I wish didn't have sequels, but there are some sequels that I have no interest in playing even though I loved the originals. Metal Gear Solid, for instance. I loved the original PS1 game, but for some reason I've never had the urge to play any of the sequels.

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    Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy XIII. I actually enjoyed X-2, but it was so completely unnecessary and completely undermined what was a perfect ending in FFX. I haven't played XIII-2 yet, but the point is still there. All the Final Fantasy games are supposed to be their own little universes, so giving any of them any kind of sequel or spin-off, imho, just cheapens the original (no matter how good the sequel/spin-off may be). If Squenix thinks they have a good game for a FF sequel, then just change the names and the characters and make it a new Final Fantasy or, heaven forbid, a new IP.

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    I guess I really don't wish any game didn't have sequels, I just wish certain games had better sequels. Fable III being no good has already been mentioned. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance deserved a better sequel than it got. That kinda stuff. Yeah.

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    Ultimate Alliance was brilliant. Great story, especially the ending, which illustrated the outcomes of everything you had done throughout the game.

    And then the sequel ended with robot Nick Fury or some shit. Derp.

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    Just the gameplay and variety in UA2 was a poor shadow of the first game. It was such a letdown.

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