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Thread: Traded My XBOX And All of My XBOX Games Last Year After X-mas

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    Traded My XBOX And All of My XBOX Games Last Year After X-mas

    It randomly came to the time for me to sell it. Had alot of fun and good games.

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    So if you traded everything in already why did you make this thread? Is this going to be another age of closed threads? Don't think Mxy has forgotten his warning.

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    Holy shit, are you full-blown retarded or do you just pay no heed to the part of the forum you're in or the nonsense threads you propagate? This is a sub forum dedicated to connecting people who want to trade in the present, not discussing the fact you traded a random system last year. Please pay more attention and stop making worthless threads for no reason.

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    Oh my God! Was it a bitter breakup, or did she take it well? Hope you're okay.

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    My mistake. -_-

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    One of many.

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    OP that is such a good story. I really can't pick "one part" that I liked the best.
    But if you were to hold a gun to my head, I would go with the part with the pictures.
    I just got off the phone with an armored truck company.
    They will be arriving in the morning to pick up my back up disk,
    which I just saved your story on to. There probably won't be much traffic,
    because I forwarded the police your story, and they agreed to escort the armored truck to
    its destination. At first the police chief didn't want to help, but then I guided his
    attention to the incredible pictures that you embedded along with your story. I mean,
    the story was good enough. But as soon as I saw the pictures that went along with it,
    I called my grandmother, who is blind and has Alzheimer’s disease to tell her. As far
    as her doctors in the nursing home are concerned, she is cured of all her ailments now
    that she heard your cool story. She is actually preparing to run the Boston marathon this year now.
    Thank you OP.

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    so mean

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    Go Harry Hood!

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    Well, I needed to know this.


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