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Thread: Want to start in the gaming industry

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    Want to start in the gaming industry

    I really want to be a part of the gaming industry in some way, like writing scripts or story in some way. I am only 19 an in my 2nd semester of community college, any advice? Any classes I should take? Any jobs I could maybe look into? Any help would be much appreciated

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    You should probably study agriculture. All the big name industry guys studied agriculture.

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    If you become a cop, you can bust a guy on his inevitable crack meltdown. Then you can fill his position when they fire him.

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    Wrong place to ask it seems. My bad.

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    It will be really tough, but go for it. My suggestion taking some programming classes, as getting into the industry as a programmer would be a whole lot easier than starting straight as a writer. Some guy from Harmonics gave a lecture at my school and said that programming and QA testing are the only real entry level jobs in the industry.

    I'm not sure what you're taking in community college or if you plan on continuing to a 4-year college after you graduate, but I'd suggest taking any classes that could transfer as credits towards a game design degree.

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    I'm friends with Eugene Jarvis, the creator of Robotron 2084, Defender, Narc and many more games and he says just to learn programming. Learn like C++ or C# online and then apply LOTS of places.

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    Alternately, learn to use Flash and create a game or two. If you make something good, it will get noticed.

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