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Thread: Assassin's Creed 3

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    No, definitely not. Arkham City is one of the best games of this generation (also one of the best Batman stories EVER), I'm all for more games like it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClownBaby View Post
    Ubisoft sucks at not leaking things.
    -_-. They're not leaks. They're from GameInformer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DualFace View Post
    -_-. They're not leaks. They're from GameInformer.
    Those screenshots were leaked early this morning and posted on blogs before anybody else had them up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClownBaby View Post
    Ubisoft sucks at not leaking things.

    jesus......When is this out?
    I would have liked to go a female assassin though =/

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    Quote Originally Posted by ProlificDream View Post
    It looks interesting, and they made it so you can still climb it appears.
    I suppose yeah there might not be tall buildings to do massive dives I'm off like in previous games. It just looks great from those pics, looking forward to it. But yeah a female descendant would be nice, maybe for the game after xD

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    This should be like RDR and have RDR freeroam multiplayer where one can kill horses a lot.

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    Trailer coming Monday! I'm excited to see the new sets of animations, since they're supposed to be even higher quality this time around.

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    I'm liking what I'm seeing so far, as a fan of the series I'm looking forward to getting more info and then my hands on it. Bring on what will most likely be a wub wub trailer without a dancing robot.

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    I played half way through the first one, loved the second one to death, never finished Brotherhood and didn't play whatever came out last year. Honestly, I can't wait for this one. The American Colonial era is probably one of my top favorite time periods and I would love to play an Assassin's Creed game in that setting.

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    I felt Brotherhood was superior to AC2 in every way (story, setting, abilities, features, more content, AND had multiplayer!), but Revelations definitely seemed to merely tack-on a tower defense mode and bombs. The plot of Revelations hardly seemed necessary to spawn another Ezio sequel without any core improvements.

    Considering how the lack of architecture in AC3 requires things to be mixed up, and how the combat is becoming streamlined and legitimate stealth is being introduced, I am really hopeful. The AI in AC is incredibly stale and pathetic, and I'm hoping real stealth mechanics address this issue.

    Can't wait to see the first gameplay trailer tomorrow!

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    I don't really care if it's female or male as long as the game is good.

    Gameplay trailer what?!?!

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    Minutes until the trailer. I'm calling Benedict Arnold as a Templar.

    Edit: Here's the video!

    Day/Night. Tree climbing. Branch running. Wolves. George Washington. Bayonet pencil tricks.

    The whole area is white and snow covered so he seems to blend in. The combat doesn't require counters and kicks, it's outright attack chains while dualwielding weapons.

    I really hope this is Arkham City meets MGS3. HYPE!!!!!!!!

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    Revelations is one hot game, though.

    I don't know how I feel about the combat going in a more combo route though--but it'll probably be better than what we have with Assassin's Creed. I want a significantly improved system, moreso than a completely different, arcade combat system.

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    The trailer does not set me a flowing. The pictures did more.

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    Mel Gibson is an assassin!

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    The trailer didn't really do much for me. It honestly just looked like more Assassin's Creed set in the woods. Then again, announcement trailers never do much for me anymore

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    He wasted a bullet on one of those soliders too....

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    I really hope the main character has a really stereotypical Native American voice to keep the series on the right track.

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    They should get the dude that played Tommy's grandpa in Prey.

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