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Thread: Assassin's Creed 3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arttemis View Post
    Yeah, this must be specific to the beginning. I'm going through the cities now and if I get seen pickpocketing, one guard brings three guards bring another eight bring some heavier geared four bring a stream of highest ranking officers, and the entire crowd is dispersed in every direction within the first thirty seconds. The combat never really gets harder, though, which is a staple for the series, but this is the most enjoyable implementation, IMO.
    Don't you just love getting Zerg-swarmed in 10 seconds? LOL.

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    [I was writing it for a little bit of time so If there are some grammar mistakes, sorry. I need to work on that."]

    Finished the game about 2 weeks ago and I think it's a biggest disappointment I ever had this year.
    I played without any upgrades (only bought arrows 2 times), crafting or recrutting Assassins. In previous games I felt like I'm going to need some armour and new weapons to get through main missions or that having some support on my back can be helpful. Here, you can go through the story with only a hidden blade and tomahawk. It's like I'm playing a mediocre sandbox game with nothing to do.
    Writing is good, I guess. Cutscenes are pretty well directed, historical characters are not shown as heroes with a "god-like" status and I like how Assassins-Templars conflict is shown. But the biggest problem here is our protagonist, Connor. I feel that he doesn't belong in patriots company, he's an outcast, and that's done here but he's basicly without much of a personality. The only time I could relate to the Connor is when his village is burned. (BTW How many times do you think he said "Where's Charles Lee?")
    I liked Haytham much more. Cool, badass, with no regrets in his job, prefect representation of Templars in the AC series which isn't just a baddie-bad man. And the sequences involving him and Connor are probably the best parts of the game.
    Outside the Animus it's rather boring. Desmond is... Desmond, his dad not really interesting, and the rest is also JUST here. Shaun's comments on american history can be nice but you don't need to hear them (if you had enoght of him after two games) because Desmond's interactions with all three are mostly optional. Missions with finding energy cubes (or batteries, whatever) are mostly linear fillers and I just wished I could go back to Animus.
    Also, Robert Ross, the man who had made The Creed gone to shit, just punched him and he was on the ground. The second time he showed up I didn't even stabbed him, I PULLED HIM FROM THE CEILING AND THEN HE DIED FROM THAT. At least that was what I heard from Vidic, whose death was also pretty cheap.
    Naval misions and hunting system are pretty awesome. Both of them are fun to play and have to agree with some of you that it could have been a standalone games. Side-missions have nothing to offer so I didn't wasted my time on them but when I did I had no idea if I'm doing the side-mission or not.
    And the last thing, bugs. I didn't found anything that could stop me from playing but what I experienced was disgraceful to Ubisoft. Dissapering people, weapons stuck in the air, losing frames and so on. For a game that was made by tones of people around the world they should spend more time on testing but NO, we need to ship this game before November.

    I can understand the effort that was put in making this game, with adding some changes and new, fresh stuff. Unfortunatly, all that's good is mixed with bad decisions and apparently lack of time. That's what happends when big teams are working together developing AAA game.

    P.S. Who thought that adding objective "DO NOT SHOVE ANYONE DURING THE CHASE" TWICE to get full sych was a good idea? I mean GOD DAMN.

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    I'm mostly enjoying this game so far, but there are at least a few major problems. For instance, the stealth is SHIT. It's not just poor. It's not just vaguely annoying. It's complete garbage. It's like a worse version of Far Cry 3's stealth minus any sort of effective or consistent line of sight and the magic rock distractions. You just have to hope you can get to some knee high grass or a hay bail before you get caught. And that would not be a huge issue if it weren't for full sync requirements that force you to deal with the retarded AI and awkward stealth, often while moving through pretty sizable areas with minimal checkpoints. And is it just me, or is the notoriety system unusually obnoxious this time around?

    Why in the name of all that is holy did they think that the free run and combat needed to be simplified further? I liked how the previous games tied the different buttons to different body parts. It made sense, it was easy, and it kept the player engaged even when the game essentially played itself a lot of the time. Now the game-play is pretty much just holding down the right trigger and moving with the left stick and combat basically boils down to pressing B and then pressing X (or occasionally A) to deal with shit. I can't even murder civilians now (especially those OBNOXIOUS children. What the fuck is with that?). I found the desync from wanton murder to be a vague annoyance, but now I can't even so much as push some random chump over because I feel like it? What does this add to the game? The desynchronization for not adhering to their exact parameters for scripted chases and whatnot is still obnoxious, but I can deal with that.

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    The lack of stealth and decent ai is the series' biggest flaw, hands down. The new control scheme is a plus in my eyes, though. Free running, climbing, and safe hops happens with the trigger, while large jumps and leaps are relegated to the combination of trigger + button, preventing the awful accidental leap off a building when intending to hop to the side. The combat in the series has also always relied on its detailed animations and cinematic look despite having consistently shit gameplay... now it's added a legitimate counter system, so it's the best implementation yet, but not all that far from shit status.

    With all of the content, variety, little touches in the open world, hunting, and sailing, this is the best of the series yet, IMO.

    I still wish this engine could be put to use in a fantasy action RPG, where you sail up and down the Sword Coast from the Forgotten Realms as a Rogue (Ranger/Assassin/Bounty Hunter), Mage (Wizard/Psionisist/etc), Priest (Cleric/Druid), or Fighter (Warrior/Barbarian), where you eitherscale buildings, levitate to the top with spells, or knock through doors and clear out the enemies within.

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    The game had to come out when it did because it was playing on the Mayan apocalypse thing, so that probably accounts for some of the bugginess. I never came across anything worse than the occasional floating musket anyway. The obnoxious full sync requirements did bug me, though. Eventually I ended up just ignoring them, though my inner completionist howled in agony every time I failed one.

    I definitely think this is the best in the series--and if I didn't think it was the best based on the story and the added gameplay mechanics, I'd still say that because you can air assassinate animals from trees. Air assassinations in general never lose their novelty.

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    I think this game is a great bore, and I'm baffled by the rave reviews. I can understand if people think this game is good, or even great, but I just cannot get into the mindset of someone who thinks it's near-perfect. There's just a complete disconnect to me. The story drags and spends ages to get interesting, Connor is uninteresting (even moreso when compared to Haytham) and 90% of the optional stuff felt like tedious bullshit. I'm glad they were optional. The cities aren't nearly as fun to explore and run around in as in previous games, so I ended up using fast-travel whenever I could. The stealth is, indeed, shit. Why there isn't even a crouch button is baffling.

    How can someone overlook all these flaws, and give it a 9.5? I just don't get it.

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    Kind of a dead thread that's probably not being monitored, but I figured I would post here anyway. I just finished Assassin's Creed 3 this morning; trying to clear some of my backlog out. I really enjoyed it. It was the first one I played all the way through since Ass. Creed 2. There seemed to be a lot more bugs, which may be Ubi's fault for trying to fart these out every year, or maybe it was made by a different team. Anyway, I liked the setting a lot more than the other games and I liked Conner a little more than Ezio. It didn't have the "Wow" moment that 2 had at the end but I was still entertained. Definitely liked the combat more.

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