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Thread: Assassin's Creed 3

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    Quote Originally Posted by DualFace View Post
    it's no different than any other title of the last 5 years---where
    additional content beckons you back.
    You're right, it is no different. Which is why it's become such a boring thing to bang on about. I wish it was all on disc too but oh well that's just one of the many downfalls of living in a market driven society. May Connor shank them all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sir Legendhead View Post
    You're right, it is no different. Which is why it's become such a boring thing to bang on about. I wish it was all on disc too but oh well that's just one of the many downfalls of living in a market driven society. May Connor shank them all.
    And "how".

    *cough cough*

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    The amount of customization in multiplayer is pretty awesome. Everything has a dual-price for credits and real money microtransaction funds, but it's just cosmetic stuff with abilities unlocked via XP levels. The worlds seem populated by a much nicer variety of NPCs, making hiding a bit trickier, which I think is fine. I am sad it didn't recognize my 360 profile for the Legacy record. I was just a few levels away from max level and only needed one combo achievement to 1000pt it.

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    I googled the pivot mini-game and came up with a few basic overviews (here's one). My main question is, do we need XBL Gold for this?

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    I've got a pivot mini-game you can come play, if you know what I'm saying.

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    Oh you.

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    Do I need to play the previous games before this one?

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    It's not absolutely necessary but AC1 & 2 are worth playing. Brotherhood and Revelations, not so much*.

    I also got all the pivots without a Gold account so that answers my question. Most of the unlocked cheats only make an easy game even easier, like invulnerability, infinite ammo, etc. The weather customization stuff is kinda cool though. My favorite is the one that causes thunder and lightning every time Connor gets a kill.

    *edit - although now that I think about it, Revelations is worth playing if only for a particular scene featuring Altair and Ezio. Forgot to mention it earlier.
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    Double post but whatever. Got talked into buying Gold after reading Arttemis' posts. Gonna try this in a bit, have sent out a friend request or two, if anybody gets one on 360 from lingeredshade, that's me.

    Or feel free to send me one. S'all good.

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    Dude, I hope you enjoy it! The new wolfpack seems too hectic to be as satisfying as the previous game types, but that might just be because I've played with people who do nothing but run non-stop instead of go for focus/incognito bonuses. My favorite experiences online have been with a group of smart players who recognize the power behind staying hidden. Playing with a group of friends cooperating has to be spectacular in that regard.

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    Yeah, it's nice having a game that can make the stealth thing work in a multiplayer context. The only other attempt I've played was Tenchu Z and it was basically crap. You'd inevitably wind up racing against your team to take out the primary target. So mindless. Here you can develop some actual tactics though.

    The thing that threw me off last night was when my team became the targets and everyone else was like, "let's stick together!" Um, no? Wouldn't that be the best possible time to split up? Why would you want all the targets in the same place?

    I wrote it off as pack mentality. It's the first thing people do in a stress situation whether it makes sense or not. The online package as a whole is awesome though. I especially like the Abstergo angle and how it mocks current trends. It's like they're coming right out and telling you that Microsoft is evil, haha.
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    I think countering was a bit better in the previous games.

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    Really? I felt the counters were a bit more effective since you seem to be able to initiate them from slightly father away.

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    Hmm I'm just not keen on having to do a basic shove 3 times in a row, there was more style with the previous countering methods. I do like the rare time I've managed to activate a double take down scene in combat.

    Is anyone enjoying the boat segments?
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    When countering, I press attack, since circle/B two times in a row only seems effective when unnamed, but with a weapon, square/X is a beautiful instant kill (save for the heavy special guys). I love those animations for double (and triple!) Counters.

    Also, seafaring missions and the wildernesses are my favorite parts so far!

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    For some reason countering for me in this game comes naturally and is super easy. I'm not a super huge fan of the countering in this game, because well it was more fun in the other games to be frank. It also seems like there are way more people trying to kill you at all moments. I'm always getting notorious and it's an endless slew of soldiers just attempting to kill me. I felt it was easier to escape in the other games. I'm at sequence 7 about halfway through. Hoping to finish the game before I go to Disney on Weds, but we'll see. I kind of see what they tried to do with this game, they didn't want to make it a-typical Assassins Creed by creating a different way of approaching Connors story. I can kind of appreciate it and feel I relate to Connor in some ways. I'm curious to see how they end this. My boyfriend told me it's not as good as Lucy so I've had trouble putting the controller down to see.

    As for former Assassin Creed games my absolute favorites are II and Revelations. So far I don't think it's necessary to have played the other ones, but the whole reason I love this series is because of the connection I feel to all the games in their own unique way.

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    Ok finished:


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    I'd like to see the next trilogy (if the term even applies but w/e) focus on elements they've introduced in multiplayer. They could get a pretty cool Tron type story out of the Animus being used for gaming. Plus the post-epilogue thing with the pivots, combined with the Erudito people from multiplayer, makes it seem like hackers vs. Abstergo will be a thing.

    And I thought the Lucy thing was kind of a low point for the series. Killing her off brought nothing to the story. They seem to have done it because they either couldn't or wouldn't bring Kristen Bell back for the voice work. It was kind of a surprise at the time though, so yeah...

    The ending here reminded me of

    (spoiler about Connor not Desmond btw)

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    Killing her off, but not really doing anything else with it only than saying "yup worked for other side, maybe she thought she was doing it for the best" was a waste.

    The game was even more consistent in III with that whole notion of not knowing if the 'bad guys' are really AS bad as they're made out to be. The ending was just pretty subpar given the doom that was coming.

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