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Thread: What's the Coolest Looking Game Creature?

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    What's the Coolest Looking Game Creature?

    What's the best looking game creature? I have to say I love the enemies out of Halo 3.

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    The Green Tentacle from Maniac Mansion

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    I personally loved the look of the fights in Shadow of the Colossus. The interactivity you had directly with them in their own way really wowed me.

    I will never forget the first zombie from Resident Evil. It just didn't look typical.

    I considered the masks from Majora's Mask very... Unique. Inspirational, even.

    Characters from River City Ransom were also great to me. They were and have remained unique. Don't make it over realistic and that game could have possible sequels even today that would be absolutely fantastic. I love the design so much, I even made a signature from it for another forum. Very simple, but it was the first game to come to mind.

    Snatcher - the entire game was amazing in the ways of visuals. And truly scared me as a child. Nevertheless, I did finish it - and it remains great in my mind. Very similar stylistically to its inspiration, but in its storyline - separate and unique.

    I probably failed horribly in naming some of these. As far as direct creatures go, then I will just provide pictures on the "creatures"

    Firstly is Snatcher, which brought us the lovely little robot here - not pictures are some shots of the snatchers themselves. What I like is not so much the Terminator skeleton, but moreso the scenes which the game brought as a result of them.

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    Goombas or Shy Guys but I don't really considers them creatures.

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    Please see my avatar for further re-edjamakashun.

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    Snare from Kameo

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    -That Robot friend of the main character in Beneath a Steel Sky, I think his name was Rob.

    -Any Giant from Shadow of the colossus

    -Crash Bandicoot (Only the first games on the psx, sadly this great franchise got totally shitty

    - Flux wildly and a lot of other creatures from Toonstruck

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    The hydralisk from StarCraft.

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    I always thought the enemies on Metal Combat were the shit. Super Scope 6 motherfuckers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KyleGamgee
    I, also, would like to cast my hat in the ring that is devoted to "Pyramid Head".

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    hes really reallllllly hot 8)

    & anima. that thing is sick
    you can feel its pain just by looking at it

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    Quote Originally Posted by blondemoments

    hes really reallllllly hot 8)
    Clouds a creature?!

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    ehhh define CREATURE

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    Cliffracers from Morrowind.

    (Okay, maybe not so much cool looking as hideously annoying, but still.)

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    Zombie Robots from Metal Arms: A Glitch In The System

    ZOMBIE ROBOTS, need I say more?

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    This guy.

    The dolphins from Super Mario World are also delightful.

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