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Thread: Playstation Vita Owners Unite!

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    As someone who hasn't played a fighting game since Tekken 3, should I buy Mortal Kombat or Marvel vs. Capcom?

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    I am indeed a Vita owner, and I would like to unite. I don't play online much, but if anyone feels like adding me my username is DoctorHair.

    Quote Originally Posted by Abomination View Post
    As someone who hasn't played a fighting game since Tekken 3, should I buy Mortal Kombat or Marvel vs. Capcom?
    MvC3 has cooler characters, but Mortal Kombat is the better game. Honestly, I'd go with that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Abomination View Post
    As someone who hasn't played a fighting game since Tekken 3, should I buy Mortal Kombat or Marvel vs. Capcom?
    I really liked MK, but if you're a comic fan go with MvC.

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    Hrmmmm, thats a toughy. Are you good at super quick combos and air juggles? If so MvC. If you you like more slow (input-wise), brutal stuff: MK. Personally I just can't get into MvC3. I love the originals (please let Origins come to Vita), but 3 just doesnt sit right with me.

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    Alrighty, think I'll go with Mortal Kombat then. Thanks guys.

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    Okay, after a while of "VITA HAS NO GAMES DURR" it seems that EVERYTHING IS COMING OUT IN OCTOBER NOW. I was just looking forward to Ragnarok Odyssey but a bajillion other games are coming out now. Next week is Retro City Rampage and the following is Ragnarok Odyssey, which I will host some Vita FNF games for. On the same week is Silent Hill Book of Memories, which has online MP from what I hear, somebody host that if y'all can. Virtue's Last Reward comes out the following week, which has an awesome demo on PSN for people who like puzzles. Need for Speed: Most Wanted and AC: Liberation (AKA in Japan as the cooler "AC3: LADY LIBERTY").



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    I'll be hosting Silent Hill. Anyone have Wipeout?

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    Silent Hill BoM looks good but I'll be looking at reviews to see what they say.

    Correction: Ragnarok Odyssey will be out on October 30 for the regular edition while the CE is the next day for some odd reason. There's a chance it might come out earlier whenever my local gamestop gets it since it doesn't have a street date.

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    Seems like no one's posted here in a while. Anyway, having just joined the forums, I too am a Vita owner, username RavenholtEX, and these are the multiplayer games I have:

    Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational
    EDF 2017 Portable
    Dead or Alive +
    BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend
    Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
    Persona 4 Golden (which isn't really a multiplayer game, I know, but it have multiplayer elements)

    Also, I have imported copies of Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f and Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus, for anyone who is interested to know. Those are both really fun too.

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    Welcome to the forums! Yep, nothing going on for a while. I was planning to start the true Vita FNF when Soul Sacrifice arrives later this month. I also have EDF Vita, maybe I should add that to the Vita FNF or weekend warriors in the next few weeks.

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    Thanks! Adding EDF to the Vita FNF sounds good, it might help drum up interest for a bigger turnout for when Soul Sacrifice comes out. I didn't even know that there was a Vita FNF.

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    I was planning to start one this Friday since I think the Soul Sacrifice demo has online play just like the JPN demo. Well, I'll add you up and we shall see this tuesday if online play is in the demo.

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    Crosspost from Weekend Warriors post for this weekend (April 20-21)

    Game: Soul Sacrifice Demo (beat Sorcerer's Ordeal to unlock network play)
    Host: redzie
    PSN ID: redthehaze
    Time: Saturday 9PM Central or earlier. (It's my time zone and I'm hosting so you convert it to yours)

    Preferably we should group up in Party Chat before (while game is running in the background) starting up the "Network" option since I don't know yet how the online play grouping is set up.

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    Sweet! I'll join, but I have work Saturday and Sunday until 9 PM, plus post-work stuff to finish plus the time to get home, so I wouldn't be in till around 9:30 to 10:00 (hopefully). Is that all right?

    P.S: Note to self-finish Sorcerer's Ordeal.

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    Oh crap, I forgot to hid send on the reply saying yeah it's okay and I can wait yo.

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    How do you guys feel about rolling the Vita games into the PS3 Friday Night Fight post?

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    I've been meaning to ask about that, yeah sure. Though I only do Vita hosting for weekend warriors since I play PS3FNF with you guys.

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    I'll edit the title and we'll start including Vita stuff in there.

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    New to the Vita and I love it, especially the backwards compatibility (I have a PSP Go from the way back).
    I've beaten Gravity Rush and Guacamelee! so far. Also dabbled with Soul Sacrifice and Wipeout 2048. I'm digging the Vita version of Wipeout much more than the PS3 version so far.
    Also played a bunch of LBP. If anyone is down for some of the co-op levels in there to unlock stuff I'm totally in (PSN username in profile). I get a lot of lag when I enter random games though, probably because I'm connecting to Americans from Australia. Still, I'd love to be able to 100% it at some point.

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