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Thread: X-COM

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    I don't know how many of you played the original X-COM. It's available on steam right now, if you're interested. Anyway, the remake. This just might be the game to make me become a PC gamer again. Seriously, check this out:


    I probably won't buy it immediately. The series has been gone for far too long to trust the devs completely. But hey, if they manage to capture the feel and depth of the original, I'm buying this. What the hell, I even want that thing's terrible Murphy Law engine to come back.

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    Being made by Firaxis of Civilization fame.

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    I've been meaning to pick up the original when I get a chance; this looks interesting (I like the re-designs in the link), but like Victor it'll be a wait and see thing for me. I'd love to see a faithful X-com remake (though there are some fan ones about already.)

    Also, kind of interested in seeing how the revamp X-Com turns out, the 1950's style one, though I'm not a huge fan of the FPS thing. Hope that turns out alright.

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    I don't think it's such a good idea to make an FPS out of X-COM, but now there's Enemy Unknown so everything is fine.

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    I tend to agree, but given that there's this coming out aswell (which seems more faithful to the earlier games) I don't see anything wrong with them trying something different.

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    Shit looks hype. If they can come out with a remake of Ufo Defense, then I'll pick it up. I just hope they keep in the depth and difficulty of the original.

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    I got the original X-COM a while ago on Steam but I'm having trouble getting into it completely. Any advice on how I can better enjoy the experience?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrCalypso View Post
    I got the original X-COM a while ago on Steam but I'm having trouble getting into it completely. Any advice on how I can better enjoy the experience?
    Read the manual. Seriously.

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    Yeah, pretty much that.

    X-Com's the kind of game where you have to play it a few times and fail miserably before you know how to play it in the right way to win, (or just get a strategy guide.)

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    Okay thanks haha I'll have to do that. A friend of mine suggested I also try and make up little stories for my soldiers when they fight the aliens. He says a lot of people used to do that when the game first came out.

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    Name a soldier. I dare you. Just name a soldier and grow a modicum of attachment to him and see what happens.

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    They have names already don't they? Last names atleast.

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    The Dtoid Pax interview for this was pretty interesting, included some gameplay footage that looked really good.

    Hope there's a demo at some point

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    This game looks fucking AMAZING. Holy fuck. Ask questions I'll answer what I can.

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    Did you get to see any of the aerial combat segments of the game or was it just the shooty bits?

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    I havent seen any gameplay of the aerial combat yet, but what they have showcased really does look superb. The base, good lord the base!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Panzadolphin56 View Post
    Did you get to see any of the aerial combat segments of the game or was it just the shooty bits?
    They just did one shooty bit and talked to us about the rest. The aerial combat sounds very interesting and I look forward to seeing it in action.

    They also took us to the base and holy crap that is so amazing! You build your own base which you view from a side-view. They said they've taking to calling it the antfarm and that's an appropriate name. You can set your base up however you want and you can research and upgrade the different rooms and your soldiers.

    True to the original, if a character dies they're dead and there's no regenerating health during a battle or anything like that.

    Your squad is initially limited to 4 but can be upgraded to 6. They did this on purpose as in the original while it sucked to lose anybody, one loss wasn't too big of a deal. They wanted each loss to make a huge impact.

    Your reserves can go up to a confirmed 99 people waiting in your barracks and it sounded like there's no hard limit.

    As far as research goes, you can't do EVERYTHING so choose wisely.

    You collect resources from killed enemies, and killing them with explosives makes it so you don't get anything from them at the end of the mission.

    There's something similar to the robot tanks of the original called the SHIV (Super Heavy Infantry Vehicle). These are expensive and better than a new soldier, but can't be upgraded so in the long run a trained soldier is better than them.

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    Can't wait to play this.

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    Same, looks incredible.

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