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Thread: Meet & Greet & Forum Rules

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    In your defence, it was a very sharp claw.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Gobbldigook View Post
    it is time for a pooping collage. will post tomorrow morning.
    A return to glorious days past brings a malicious smile to my face.

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    I never took a picture. I have pooped since then but I have low self esteem and didnt think I looked pretty enough.

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    My contribution:

    Bathroom has rails for when poops turn into explosive anal orgasms.

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    Aww man, i need me some of those hand rails for acrobatic pooping.

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    You look and sound like a poet used!

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    Sometimes I light that candle behind me when I know it's going to feel really good. It's like the first time I never had.

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    instagram avatar

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    Lookin' good, it's that Anne Hathaway in Alice in Wonderland vibe again!

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    Really awesome photos!

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    Don't say that in front of Zoltar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by digtastik View Post

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    That's my favorite one as well.

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    Wouldn't mind it from the angle he's looking at though.

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    There was a basket of silly photo props. I dove in first and then it caught on. I'm a party pimp.

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    awesome photos dig! i want to have fun party time too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by digtastik View Post
    This is what I imagine your face looked like all Monday night.

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