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Thread: Meet & Greet & Forum Rules

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gatsby View Post
    Because caring about how you present yourself is totally a pitiable trait. Well, if not looking like shit is sad then you are truly the most inspiring person in all of Destructoid. I'll contemplate that pity real hard while you're wondering why you keep hearing giggling around you whenever you're in public.
    Hatman is pretty inspiring to me because he isn't a jaded asshole like pretty much eveybody on here is in some way.

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    JJMccallum's Avatar
    1,657 posts since Apr 2010

    At least Sam is liked.

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    I like Sam. I'd like him more if I knew him.

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    I think the hat looks okay, but not great. Pretty much the definition of mediocre. I think you look better in the newsie hat, but that's also because you're 12.

    Hey it's a much delayed picture of me from my friend's Halloween party on her bad iPhone camera but I like it. It's a goodwill version of Gene Kelly from Singin in the Rain.

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    I'm also pretty sure I'm wearing a child's vest.

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    i'm in love with you chang kelly

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gatsby View Post
    Except one could be for the better and one could be for the worse, and with you and your shitty non-matching hats, it will always be the worst. One day you'll grow up and realize that dressing like a 4 year old isn't acceptable.
    If anything I'll care less when I get older because I won't have time for that shit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Victor View Post
    I like Sam. I'd like him more if I knew him.
    Yeah, he's good people.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mighty Hatman View Post
    If anything I'll care less when I get older because I won't have time for that shit.
    Somehow that sounds so familiar...

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    I swear you all have a hat fetish.

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    Edd Strid's Avatar
    2,264 posts since Mar 2012

    I wish the Goofy hat I got at Disney World 16 years ago still fit. Damn my small child head at the time.

    I've become accustomed to wearing a bandana. For some reason it gives people the urge to either call you a pirate or say you're going for the Sons of Anarchy look. I'm a letdown when I say nope, it's just for comfort. Even more frustrating to them when I say I've never seen Sons.

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    ClownBaby's Avatar
    15,666 posts since Feb 2007

    Props to Glow for backing up my claim that 90% of people can't pull off that look. Those hats looking good on somebody is a rarity.

    Changarang, the best part of that picture is how genuinely happy you look. Good times.

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    Seriously....y'all were cheated on by fedora hats at one point weren't you?

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    ClownBaby's Avatar
    15,666 posts since Feb 2007

    Fedora hats just look like shit on almost everybody. The few people who they look good on, they look REALLY fucking good on. Like "You wear that, always, you sexy bitch" good.

    But for everybody else? It's like the hat version of wearing an Affliction shirt. You think it's awesome and looks great, but it's not...and it doesn't.

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    I'm not really seeing this ratio to be honest. Not even talking about myself, I know I do unseemly things to various items of clothing, but in general I think this so called universal opinion that wearing a type of hat well, is as rare as shiny chansey cards is a bit over the top. I find fedora's do wonders for people.

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    ClownBaby's Avatar
    15,666 posts since Feb 2007

    It's a numbers game. Numbers are literally my job, and the ratio is STAGGERING in this case. It's not just me and Gatsby saying it (though here on the site, it is)

    I randomly just found this by typing "Fedora" into google.

    Sure it's biased because it's LOOKING for bad fedora pictures but man is it accurate.

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    Edd Strid's Avatar
    2,264 posts since Mar 2012

    I'm currently sporting an overweight Axl Rose look. Modern day Axl is pretty close actually, it doesn't look good on either of us but I fail to care.

    If it's comfortable and you're happy wearing it, go for it. Doesn't matter how you appear to others, unless formal dress is required (funeral, interview, wedding etc).

    My choice of clothing when i can afford it would hark back to the ska influenced England days, sure I may look like a royal knobhead to others but I like it.

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    I'm in loungepants and a Heroes hoodie and will remain in this state until tonight comes and I have to dress 80's for a birthday party in some retro club. God help me I've no options other than to backcomb my beard.

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    Edd Strid's Avatar
    2,264 posts since Mar 2012

    Skin your head, wear 3/4 jeans, braces, a vest and some Dr Martens. You'll be representing the other half of the ska style.

    The one I prefer is white shirt, thin tie, suit jacket optional, braces and trousers. Also optional are a pork pie hat or the ill fated fedora. Yes that also sounds like a Jake and Elwood Blues combo because they are very similar.

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    I debated wearing a Fedora and a raincoat for my costume, but the fedora absolutely looked awful on me. So I risked making the more obvious costume and went with a style instead. I guess this is more in line with cosplay advice than fashion, but you don't need to sacrifice style for accuracy. I'm applying this philosophy as well to my MAGfest costume.


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