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Thread: Armored Core V

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    Armored Core V

    So uh...who wants to blow up some robots?

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    Oh hell yeah.

    Im definitely getting this for 360. Anyone wanna start an AC squad?

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    I'm interested to see how it turns out, but the gameplay in 4 was pretty meh so if it's anything like that I won't bother buying it. Hope they've tightened the mechanics up a bit.

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    Same here. The clips are showing promise as well as the online capabilities. The Operator + 5 AC teams dynamic sounds like it will make for entertaining 5 on 5 territory battles.

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    Anyone else pick this up? I got a copy on PS3 if anyone wants to start a Team.

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    37 posts since Jul 2011
    I've picked it up on 360. Enjoying it so far. Need a good team though, especially people who actually talk. It's got some pretty tactical multiplayer that feels broken with no communication. I tried out being the operator. I like the concept of having a handler for a group of mechs. It makes it feel more substantial considering how actual military and police operate when under going a mission. That all sort of breaks down when noone communicates.

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    Danm I still remember playing Armored Core II and Armored Core IV. I own the second one and I used to have Armored Core IV for rent. Maybe i'll try to rent Armored Core V if they have it in at blockbuster cuz I rent alot of the new ones since my mom is a lil too lazy giving me 60$ to buy a new ps3 game.

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    Anyone still bothering with this on 360? I got a copy coming in the mail in a week or so.

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    10,958 posts since Dec 2009
    So yeah, I have this now and I'm hoping I can really get into it, since I was pretty deep into the PS2 era series and I'm hearing this is somewhat a return to form. Was also kinda hoping there would be at least semi-regular players here to form an online team with, but it looks pretty dead in here. For the time being, I'll be on my own onesie team (Self-Destructoid) till I run into cool dudes who invite me into theirs.

    At any rate, found these video to be helpful.

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    Dear god, this game looks fantastic.

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    10,958 posts since Dec 2009
    Yep, this is definitely the game I've been needing. See ya in the field.

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    10,958 posts since Dec 2009
    Fuck it, I'm currently semi-obsessed with this game and I need a public outlet.

    I've gotten my "team" level to 56, which, from what I've read, should've unlocked every part in the shop 6 levels earlier, but I'm still seeing new pieces every level. So unless the patch extended the time it takes to make every piece available, somebody LIED.

    Also, I've been invading the shit out of certain areas, but can't manage to acquire a territory. I've only once encountered another player defending his territory with AI bots (which utterly decimated me since I was unprepared for it) out of prolly two dozen times that I invaded normally. Most of the time now, I just use those missions to fuck around with new weapons and sort out less powerful ones since the leveling is random. But I really wanna take a territory one of these days, and I'm not exactly sure how that process works.

    For each area you invade, 3 team emblems show up, representing the territories held by them.. However, the little news scroll at the bottom would lead you to believe that there are more than 3 territories in each area, since it would SAY that a team has acquired territory someplace, but the emblems from the previous team that acquired it before remain on the map. So what the fuck?

    Lastly, I haven't gone vs mode with many people, so I can't tell yet if I suck or if they just have better parts, or if they're using broken builds to win. It's definitely easier to last longer on a map with a shitload of buildings to use for cover. But in open maps, I'm lucky if I last 90 seconds cause I can't dodge whatever they throw at me, unless I'm using a little firefly build that I can zip around faster but still can't win with.

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    I took a look at this game recently and it looked pretty interesting. I recently got in to Zone of the Enders with the HD Collection and I was taking a look around to see what other mecha games there were out there since I'd never played anything like it before. Didn't find anything similar to ZOE but this game looked like it could be good.

    So is it good? Can it be enjoyed alone/without voice chat? How is it to newcomers?

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