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Thread: Magic TCG Deck Building Assistance?

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    Magic TCG Deck Building Assistance?

    So, I'm finally a bigger nerd than I ever thought I would be. I sold all my Pokémon cards about 3 years ago and vowed never to get into TCG's again. Then this past year I caught a glimpse of my roommate's Magic collection, which dwarfed my Pokémon collection considerably (I had like 600 cards or so), he built me a deck out of all the cards he wasn't using and the seed was planted. He knew exactly what he was doing, that evil bastard... Now I'm back to having like 500 Magic cards and I've only been collecting since last summer... It could be worse, I guess.

    Regardless, I've decided I like this game considerably (and please don't judge me for it). I've gone from knowing nothing to building my own deck that gives my roomie (who's been playing since 4th edition) a run for his money in this past year.

    THIS is not that deck... This is the next deck I intend to build. At this point I have a pretty good picture of what I want it to do, it's just a matter of tightening it up, which is where you guys come in!

    I've put together this hypothetical deck over on TappedOut.net: Balefire Abuser

    Creature (18)
    2x Balefire Liege
    2x Charmbreaker Devils
    4x Figure of Destiny
    4x Hobgoblin Dragoon
    2x Iroas, God of Victory
    4x Stun Sniper

    Artifact (8)
    2x Codex Shredder
    2x Elixir of Immortality
    4x Isochron Scepter

    Instant (12)
    2x Boros Charm
    3x Deflecting Palm
    3x Lightning Helix
    2x Silence
    2x Wear / Tear

    Land (20)
    4x Boros Garrison
    4x Clifftop Retreat
    4x Mountain
    4x Plains
    4x Temple of Triumph

    Planeswalker (2)
    2x Ajani Vengeant

    Sideboard (15)
    3x Arrest
    3x Celestial Flare
    1x Codex Shredder
    2x Fight to the Death
    3x Grand Abolisher
    3x Leave No Trace

    Basic idea is to slam the other player hard and fast while simultaneously increasing my own life total. I like what I have together, but again, want to tighten it up before I go out and buy all these cards.

    Thoughts? Ideas? Opinions?

    * And sorry if this post is scatter-brained, I'm writing on my phone. I'm much better at staying focused typing on a computer with a keyboard, where I can see my entire idea laid out. *

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    Man, I wonder if any of us are even still Magic players at this point. There was a huge dropoff in popularity after the Invasion set.

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