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Thread: First World Problems

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    Pow! Right in the kisser!
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    Well now I'm going to make a point of getting my face in all nude photos I take, forever. :-)

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    I further meant face in her giner.

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    Pow! Right in the kisser!
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    Death Row
    HA! Brilliant.

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    I ended up giving my last free drink ticket back to the cute vendor lady because people were buying me drinks and my crew (including my ride) were leaving for another place and I didn't want the ticket to go to waste in my pocket.

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    I don't think I should allow myself to buy things online anymore. I just got an order in the mail only to find out that somehow it was a double order (I'm thinking it was a hiccup with paypal). Go and check my email receipts and yep, I was charged twice for two orders. I reckon I should've actually looked at the emails at the time of order. Or noticed the little bit extra missing from my bank account.

    Second time in the last month or so I've gotten the unwanted double order. Last time it was from Amazon, this time it was from a small time local act so I'm gonna bite it and not look to return.

    So... anybody like Midwest indie hip-hop? I've got this extra CD...

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    How much you asking for it?

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    Nothing. You want it?

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    Hell yeah I do. Sure you don't want something for it?

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    Yeah, I'm good. I'm out the cash anyways, which honestly wasn't all that much, and don't mind supporting local music guys.

    It was a bundle deal for a local "supergroup" (lol) so there's a shirt and signed poster too. "Mixed Blood Majority", it's got the rapper from No Bird Sing, the rapper from Kill the Vultures, and one of the producers from Doomtree providing the beats.

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    Nice. Can't wait to hear it. Thanks dude. I'll give you a handy whenever I finally show up at a get-together.

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    I wish Netflix would let me sort movies by year. I want to watch horror flicks from the '70s through the '90s, I have very little patience for all of the terrible little cheap pieces of garbage from the last decade, but that's the majority of what they throw at you when browsing the category.

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    I wish we even had Netflix.

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    We get it, but I don't think we get even half the selection they do in the US

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    I believe you're correct Panza, but it's still been handy for a few shows that don't get aired here and blows Lovefilm's offering out the water.

    Ok, that's not exactly hard.

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    The 'free' services are even worse, they're basically just everything the BBC couldn't be arsed to put on DVD and a few more popular shows that have already made their money.

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    I guess the only reason the BBC haven't turned iPlayer into a 4OD like service is due to DVD sales. Shame as I'd love instant access to a ton of their old stuff as anything new is mostly crap.

    A service that's worthy of my licence fee.

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    Yeah, agreed.

    It's pretty much the same thing that happened with UK Gold - they basically just put all the old shows anybody might want to watch behind a paywall, because they could. It's sad really, because surely one of the biggest reasons behind having a public service broadcaster is that they provide content freely, and instead the BBC is probably one of the most draconian when it comes to copyright law, desperately clinging to 'its' intellectual property.

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    We constantly have young guys trying to sell us Lovefilm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GlowBear View Post
    We constantly have young guys trying to sell us Lovefilm.
    Sounds like the opening to a porno about young guys trying to sell porno.

    Buuuuut I actually do know what Lovefilm is so not so much. If I didn't though, that's totally what it'd sound like.

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    I bought vegetable chips over the weekend because they looked good.

    I had some last night and they were a salty mess. Waaaaay too much salt. And they did something to my stomach that I'm still feeling today. That nice pre-vomit feeling hasn't left me completely.

    Gonna throw away the rest of the chips. This is what I get for straying from potato and tortilla.

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