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Thread: What you love about the internet...

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    Instant connection with everything, but it's irrelevant, I heard there is something new coming out that is supposed to replace the internet.

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    The obvious. To allow individuals to exchange ideas freely with people anywhere in the world, which is probably number one. The immediacy of publishing current events, rendering printed publications that focus on printing current events all but useless now. As Gatsby said, to be able to discuss art with others, and therefore discover art I wouldn't have otherwise. To learn damn near anything you could possibly want. To purchase damn near anything you could possibly want. The ability to allow anyone to publish anything with amazing ease (to be fair, this is both a reason why I love and hate the Internet, but rather than a wash, I love this more than I hate it…but just…goddamn, some people publish some horseshit). To watch or listen to anything I damn well want provided someone took the time to upload it, which has only gotten better over the years. Free porn. Also it gives me some job security, what with my training (and recently renewed interest) in web design.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sir Legendhead View Post
    What I like most about Internet can be demonstrated through these two simple links.

    It's not like this kind of thing would be published anywhere else.
    At least he tried doing the right thing. Time to go home and be a family man.

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    Games and free stuff

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    Having a page that refuses to load be balanced out by the realisation that the Destructoid fourms have technical staff.

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    Instant information and socializing with people of similar interests! Finding out how to properly destroy a pomegranate changed my life.

    Internet Connect, No Private Station, Media Free, Underground Communication (props if you get this, lol)

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    I love how the internet started as a pair of sneakers.

    Man, you've grown so much, internet.

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    Endless interesting articles that I have nowhere near enough time to read and hilarious cultural commentary. Stuff like Topless Robot.

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    you can stalk your exes and crushes through facebook and twitter, google map their location and street view their houses.
    Get plastered in front of your PC when there status turns from single, to in a relationshop, to married.

    No, no, of course I dont do that. I'm just sayin you "CAN"...

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    The fact that it is so easy to waste so many hours on nothing.

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    Jim Sterling.

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    I like all the music, pictures, porn, Tv shows, anime that I wouldn't have access to if we didn't have internet. I also like that our internet is not censored like some countries are.

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    ...yet. So better rub off two times as much as before, just to make sure you won't be sorry if the day of total censorship ever arrives.

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    I love that opinions, now matter how far away from the mainstream or how much they are hated, still have a place on the internet.

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    I love all the free music.

    Err, I mean...I love how can I buy CDs off Amazon.

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    The Swiss government decided once again that downloads, as long as they're for personal use, are perfectly legal even if it's copyrighted material. Which means we're given more or less a "carte blanche" to download whatever we want as long as it's not CP and other freaky stuff. Hooray for being different!

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    I love the Internet because of the great freedom it gives us to communicate and share stuff with each other. But evil forces wish to destroy that freedom... *ahem* SOPA *ahem* MAFIAA *ahem* I think I need a cough drop.

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    To play MMORPG and make friends from various regions.

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    I love all the wonderful gifs.

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