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    Hey folks, so we should probably do this again, eh? We all know how Secret Santa deals work; Anyone that wants in let me know and I figure by the 20th maybe we'll do the cut off? Is that too soon? We can hash that out in the thread. Anyways, once we have our list we'll get names handed out nice and secret like, you'll buy something within a price limit (I'm thinking $25, but again we can discuss that in the thread and find what we all agree upon), and then you send it out to your giftee. SO SIMPLE!!

    So yeah, those are my thoughts. I figure getting names handed out by the end of this month will give folks time to mail their shit out by the middle of next month so hopefully everybody gets their gifts by Christmas.

    So, who's in?

    Also, I'd like to keep this Forums so it's people we know and trust, y'know? So no thread of the day or Forums we have them until afterwards, yeah? Or is that a bad attitude to have? Opinions?


    Batthink- UK
    Ali- UK
    GlowBear- UK
    Sam Gobbldigook
    Arctic Fox
    Tarvu- UK
    Death by Lumber- UK
    M Randy Dixon

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    I'm in, bro.

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    Count me in.

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    Yay! I'm in!

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    Include me, please. Prepared to give something awesome.

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    I'll do it. I should have a little cash for a present. Will we do a US/UK split again?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ali D View Post
    Will we do a US/UK split again?
    If we get enough UK folks to do that, and everybody wants to yeah, we can. If the UK numbers stay low and the UK folks don't mind the extra postage I think we can take volunteers from the US side who don't mind either and make that section of the random pool bigger. I wouldn't mind shelling out a little extra to mail something to you folks.

    I guess we'll see how many UK'ers sign up, and what everyone's opinions are on it.

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    There's that pal vs ntsc thing to consider too..

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    You don't have to buy electronics. I didn't last year.

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    I think I could only afford a UK one, that's how DESPERATE it is. I'd be in for that. I'm sorry foreign chums ;(

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    I'm in but only if people are ok with shipping to Canada and all.

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    Canada isn't really a big deal, at least on the US end going off of my experiences.

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    Is the 20th too late for a cut off? I didn't run this last year, so I'm open to what the consensus is of what'll work best.

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    I'm in, I could use a bit of holiday cheer! US. I can take advantage of my office to send stuff out so that's good.

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    Are any of the following allowed?

    -Heartfelt sonnets
    -A child's drawing of a seagull
    -Weblinks to shock porn
    -Spectral analysis equipment made out of cardboard
    -Instructions on how to make a den out of blankets
    -Used tissues (It's snot you dirty little man)
    -The concept of love
    -Used tissues (Spunk this time)
    -A list of my favourite Batman villains in order (Trace amounts of spunk)
    -A list of proposed new swear words
    -A sex toy/console combo.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Shady new people being stupid aren't allowed, no.

    Shady new people with a genuine interest are though.

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