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Thread: Dtoid Europe

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    The fuck is bread sauce?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aurain View Post
    Question: Bread sauce in a sandwich? Is that not bread overkill?
    Could be a meat sandwich.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Half left View Post
    The fuck is bread sauce?

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    I don't think that'd go very well in a sandwich somehow

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    I could sure go for some porridge right now.

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    Hey you don't belong here, go start Dtoid Latin America.

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    I belong everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

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    And you do have a giant moustache.

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    I have no mustache and all mustaches at the same time.

    Also, put me down for DecNARP... 2016.

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    But the world ends in 2012.

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    I will survive just to spite the world, d'uh.

    I will be the sole survivor and NARP all days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beccy Caine View Post
    Turkey sandwiches with stuffing and bread sauce are the fucking boss.
    I agree entirely with this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darth189 View Post

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    super kawaii desu!

    /me shots self.

    Srs Bsns though: <3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mighty Hatman View Post
    I agree entirely with this.
    Wow, so bread sauce sandwiches is a real thing?

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    Not just bread sauce by itself. That would be most redundant. (Though I have had potato-flavoured crisps before.) But with turkey, cranberry and stuffing it's a god tier sandwich.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tarvu View Post
    That looks disgusting.

    Gravy is the only compulsory sauce needed for Christmas Dinner.

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