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Thread: Dtoid Europe

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    Dtoid Europe

    I figure it's time we had more of an EU home on the forums, no? We do have The Pub, but that's more of a BritToid thing. I've also archived the UK mailer thread, given that the details for that have all changed too.

    So, future events, NARP planning and what have you can all be found here in addition to the mailer. Get involved!

    You may also be interested in the European mailer (home to cat pictures and Half left's infamous ranting) or the European Friday Night Fights.

    After our most recent NARP on December 17-18th (thanks to all those who attended and made it so enjoyable!), our next meet up will be in February when Hamza and Niero are making their way around Europe. It's currently pencilled in for the 10th in London, but I'll keep you updated.

    As ever, questions, suggestions or torrents of abuse can be directed at beccy@destructoid.com, or @chromatogram on Twitter.
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    Who are you?

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    It's not nice to talk about Jimmy like that, he's more than just a piece of barbecued meat.

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    Destructoid has Europeans?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aurain View Post
    bad picture no aurain.
    Posting a picture of the June NARP where only a dozen people attended was hardly going to happen, was it?

    And Jimmy is totally a piece of meat.

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    I lay claim to Jimmy. He'd object, but knows it's true.

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    I'm going to grope Jimmy so hard in December.

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    He's still coming home with me. (hur)

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    That stays at the door. Or the river.

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    You're all just objects in space.

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    I'm a lion? I've never thought of myself that way but I do have a mighty rawr.

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    It creeps me out when people I know refer to me with my online handle.

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    Same, to be honest. Maybe I'll start posting your full name and address.

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    First plan of action for the meet up needs to be sorting accommodation. We're going to be looking at staying in a hostel this time around, so if this applies to you, please get back to me as this will need to be finalised fairly quickly.

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    Maybe I'll start posting a list of your greatest fears and weaknesses. Rebecca.

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    A blank list?

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    Sure. Sure.

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    I most likely won't be able to afford this so you can safely count me out so planning can go faster. See you guys next year sometime

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