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Thread: Let's play Werewolf on the forums!

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    I could always change it so that they can kill each other, I thought it might be too tough for the monster teams to survive if they can be accidentally killed at night... on the other hand it might end up too dull?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muckfoot View Post
    ...which version of the vigilante do you guys prefer; the one where they can shoot anyone in the night or the one where they only shoot once they'Ve been killed?
    Shoot anyone in the night

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    I don't know how you could prevent the Werewolves from killing the Vampires or vice versa, unless you told all of them who each other are, and that just seems silly. Werewolves should only know Werewolves and non-Werewolves, Vampires should only know Vampires and non-Vampires, but Werewolves shouldn't know who the Vampires are nor should Vampires know who the Werewolves are.

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    Wait, what would be the point if the monster teams can't kill each other? Isn't that part of the point? :S

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    I think I will change the rules so that everyone's fair game.

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    Sounds good, Muck. Looking to forward to trying out a three faction game.

    When does the game start? Monday?

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    Monday is the plan!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PhilKenSebben View Post
    Already threatening me and the game hasn't started.
    I know, right? Dudes totally without class.

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    Have you ever been so mad that you deleted an entire Forum?
    I feel quite good about this one.

    Quite good.

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    I'll be aiming to do the set up and PM's in the next couple of hours.

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    Thanks for the update, Muck. Should be interesting to see how this plays out.

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    Each round of the game is split into day & night phases, depending on the current phase players can perform various activities, examples of which are as follows:

    During the day phase
    - You can post in the thread
    - You can vote to have someone lynched, or abstain from voting

    During the night phase
    - If you are a wolf, you can PM your fellow wolf/wolves (please cc me in)
    - If you are a vampire, you can PM your fellow vampires (please cc me in)
    - If you have a special role (i.e. seer, guard) you can PM me your desired action
    - Whilst talking about the game on the thread during the night phase is strictly prohibited, the posting of comedy sleep noises is acceptable


    Each day phase provides the players with a opportunity to cast suspicion on others and ultimately vote to determine the fate of an individual. The process is as follows:

    - Each players must provided a vote in bold during the day phase
    - Votes must be against a specific player (for example, Lynch Muckfoot) or an abstaining vote (simply putting abstain will suffice)
    - Votes can be changed up until the last person has voted. Refusing or stalling your vote in the hopes of changing the votes of others will result in your (in game) death by lightning.
    - Once all votes are in, the player with the most votes against will be lynched. If the majority of votes are to "abstain", no one is hung that day
    - In the event of a tie vote between two or more players, no one will be lynched
    - However, in the event of a tie vote between a player and the "abstain" votes, the player will be lynched.


    All players will be PM'd their roles, once the game begins feel free to reveal your role if you feel it would benefit you somehow. You will not be penalised for revealing your role.

    On the Wolf team, obviously. Speaks to their fellow werewolves at night via PM. Can select one player to kill per night. If successful the name of their victim will be announced at the start of the day phase.

    Surprisingly is on the Vampire Team. Similar to the wolves, vampires can PM each other at night and PM me to kill a player. If successful the name of their victim will be announced after the day's votes have been counted.

    On the human team. Can PM me the name of a player once per night, in turn I will reply with the alignment of said player (human, wolf, vampire).

    On the human team. Can PM me the name of a player once per night, said player will be protected from both werewolf and vampire attacks up until the next night phase. The bodyguard can choose to protect themselves should they dislike everyone else.

    On the human team, can PM me the name of one player at night, this player will then be shot and killed. It's a one time deal though, don't waste it!

    The bread and butter, the grunt, the civvie, the...

    ... Has no powers, villagers are tasked with encouraging discussion during the day phases in the hopes of
    uncovering a monster through fine ass detective work.


    With there being three teams in play, I figured it'd be best if I gave an example on how the game flows through one round:

    - Game starts with a Night Phase
    - Team Wolf will PM me with the name of the player they wish to kill
    - Team Vamp will do the same
    - Special roles will PM me with their desired actions
    - Once all required PM's are in, night phase ends

    - Day phase begins
    - An announcement will be made which will confirm whether the wolves
    were successful in killing their chosen player
    - The surviving players can now post in the thread and vote
    - Once all votes are in, either a player with the most votes is lynched or the community abstains
    - An announcement will be made which will confirm whether the vampire team were successful in killing their chosen player
    - Day phase ends and we're back into night phase


    - Wolves and Vampires can kill each other if they choose correct at night. For example, if team wolf PM's me the name of a vampire player, they will die (provided they're not being protected by the bodyguard).
    - In the event that the wolf team and vampire team PM's me the same player name to kill, they'll cancel each other out meaning that the chosen player will live.
    - You will all be told the alignment of players that are killed during the game
    - This is NOT a Twilight themed game!
    - Any questions please PM me at any time

    PM's coming round very soon...ish.

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    Ok, here goes...


    Evolution is a bitch, sure it helped out the some species with the odd posable thumb here and there, but sometimes evolution doesn't know when to quit.

    Take for instance the day that Evolution decided to help out the friendly werewolf, by allowing them to break free from the shackles of lunar activity and change into the snarling, devastating hell beasts every time the night comes.

    Combine that with the day our "buddy" evolution also gave the lowly vampire a helping hand by curing their aversion to sunlight! The fuckers can roam around whenever they want, they can even get a tan if they do choose (most don't). Thanks evolution!

    The world's been a bit different since then, with careless young werewolves leaving victims alive (but cursed) the wolf population sky rocketed. Similarly with vampires able to go wherever, whenever they also increased their numbers through sheer incompetence.

    The rest of us didn't stand a chance, if you weren't devoured by huge dogs you were sucked dry by albinos. Now the surviving humans live in fractured, isolated communities where only the hardest survivors have made it this far.

    Now even this group of twelve, a ragtag gang of steely eyed, stone cold killers who have seen all manner of shit, have been infiltrated by the wolves and vampires... time is running out for these guys.

    That's fucking progress, thanks evolution you big prick!


    Monsters PM me, special roles, PM me, villagers, post your most convincing sleep noises.

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    *farts incredibly loudly*

    "Huh? What?"

    *goes back to bed, snoring continues*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muckfoot View Post
    posable thumb


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    Quote Originally Posted by Dexter345 View Post
    Thanks for the feedback Dex!

    I'm going to kill you.

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    *The man collapsed into a moldy old armchair, keeping his sword and crossbow close at hand. Within moments, he was fast asleep.*


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    Sent from my phone because it pisses off Everyday Legend and Revulooshun.

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