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Thread: Let's play Werewolf on the forums!

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    djnealb's Avatar
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    I would suggest using the same team, but I can't shake my suspicions of one of the team members.

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    However, if the same team is proposed, I would still probably vote FOR it because of the success.

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    Which team member? May as well come out with it, or are you waiting until it's your turn to propose? What do we gain from you keeping your "suspicions" to yourself? ARE YOU A BAD PUPPY?!

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    djnealb's Avatar
    5,949 posts since Aug 2009

    Quote Originally Posted by ZombiePlatypus View Post
    Which team member? May as well come out with it, or are you waiting until it's your turn to propose? What do we gain from you keeping your "suspicions" to yourself? ARE YOU A BAD PUPPY?!
    The reason I don't say is because right now people find me the most suspicious based on vote from the 2nd mission (even though they completely forgot my AGAINST vote on the failed 1st misson). Therefore, if I claim to believe one person is good or evil, most of the others will assume the opposite.

    edit: On top of that, I don't have any proof to back up my suspicions. It's just a gut feeling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Analoge View Post
    Rad! I say same 4.
    I also say rad!

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    I use my gut feelings all the time, they're wonderful!

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    Muckfoot's Avatar
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    But seriously, does this mean we've found four resistance members or are the spies fucking with us?

    As cynical as I usually am it doesn't make sense for them to not fail this mission, they'd have been 2-0 up and we'd still have no clue as to who's who.

    I want to believe Analogue chose an all resistance cast but, even with the success, I'm still unsure.

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    If Analoge did choose all good guys, it would have to mean Analoge is good, otherwise she'd have thrown in at least one bad dude.

    Buuuuuut, maybe you're a bad dude and didn't fail it in order to gain some trust for Analoge. Why you'd do that though makes no sense, because as you said you'd be up 2-0 then. Soooooo I think Analoge is most likely good, meaning Dodger is my suspect for villain in the first team.

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    If you want the straight truth, I have no idea who's good or bad. I just threw all people who hadn't gone yet. That's why I say pick the same 4. One of 3 things will happen:

    Either they'll all be resistance,

    They'll all pick for again so as not to implicate themselves as spies,

    Or someone will vote fail and we'll be closer to finding out who the real resistance is (pro-tip, I'm resistance).
    Last edited by Analoge; 02-04-2013 at 12:07 PM. Reason: My brain is dumb.

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    noobspoon's Avatar
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    Go with the same 4 i say, i know for fact that at least one of them is a good guy (me).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flamoctapus View Post
    I have the same thoughts as Muck, and one of the group has me suspicious. Regardless, my vote's a pass.
    Since it's your turn to put forward a team, I'm interested in seeing whether you'll change the lineup based on your suspicions.

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    Flamoctapus's Avatar
    1,962 posts since Sep 2011

    It worked last time, hopefully it will work again.

    I propose a team of Muck, Byronic, Noob, and myself.

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    Missing votes from Analoge and noobspoon. noobspoon: you didn't PM yourself again, did you?

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    noobspoon's Avatar
    862 posts since Oct 2012

    Erm, I might have done It's because I'm replying to the pm I send you.

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    Weird because I also haven't voted... which I will do now.

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    Yeah, I was also missing yours, but I didn't think so, because the last thing you sent me had a subject line that just said "XXXXX" instead of "Proposal 2.2: XXXXX." Anyway, your vote has been updated to reflect your actual vote.

    Now we're just waiting on Analoge.

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    Boy y'all really ought not forget.


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    Here are the votes!

    Proposal 3.1, proposed by Flamoctapus: Flamoctapus, noobspoon, Byronic Man, Muckfoot
    ZombiePlatypus - FOR
    Artful-dodgeR - FOR
    Analoge - FOR
    Flamoctapus - FOR
    noobspoon - FOR
    djnealb - FOR
    Byronic Man - FOR
    Muckfoot - FOR

    While settling into their new digs in an abandoned subway tunnel, a Runner climbed in from the sewers below. She gave a nod to the group, then ran off along the defunct train tracks.

    The bag contained all sorts of information on the top government officials. There were documents detailing the backroom deals that the corrupt officials were taking part in. Along with the information was a single sentence on a scrap of paper. "The people must know."

    In order to disseminate this information to the general public, the rogue group would have to break into the government-run news station on the other side of town. Unfortunately, it was near the group's old headquarters, which was now crawling with secret police trying to sniff out the resistance. The group decided to send the same team that found their new hideout; since they navigated here earlier, they would be better experienced at getting back undetected.

    At the broadcast station, they would need for everything to fall into place in order for the plan to work. To gain access to the database room, Flamoctapus would study the building's blueprints to ensure they made it to the right place. In order to send the information out, it would need to be digitized, which noobspoon would take care of. Byronic Man and Muckfoot were both well-versed in computer hacking, so Byronic Man would be the one to upload the file to be broadcast, while Muckfoot would be the one to cover their digital tracks to make sure the message weren't intercepted before broadcast.

    Flamoctapus, noobspoon, Byronic Man, Muckfoot: send me a PM whether you would like the mission to PASS or FAIL. Unlike the voting for the teams, it will not be revealed who submitted which result. Remember, Resistance members must submit a PASS, while Spies may choose to submit a PASS or a FAIL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZombiePlatypus View Post
    I'm a busy girl, ZP.

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    Muckfoot's Avatar
    3,100 posts since Mar 2012

    Everyone vote pass again please!

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