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Thread: Let's play Werewolf on the forums!

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    1. Muckfoot
    2. Analoge
    3. Byronic Man
    4. ZombiePlatypus
    5. djnealb
    6. noobspoon
    7. Flamoctapus
    8. Artful-dodgeR

    I know I said I'd start it today, but I forgot that I'd be having my weekly Descent board game night today. Tomorrow! Probably.

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    Going to class. I will be tentatively watching this thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZombiePlatypus View Post
    I typed the word 'penis' once.

    'Once' twice.

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    So when is this game starting again?

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    Oh, this hasn't already started? Come on, guys, get to it!

    ...I mean, yeah. Things have come up. Maybe I can do it today at work, though I'll be writing up the rules by memory.

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    The Resistance Rules (Paraphrased)

    Background: There is some sort of oppressive government that needs some good old fashioned overthrowing. There is a small group of people (Resistance) to do just that. Unfortunately, there are government operatives (Spies) who have infiltrated the Resistance. The Resistance wants to overthrow the government; the Spies want to sabotage the Resistance.

    There are two teams: The Resistance (the good guys) and the Spies (the bad guys). The Spies know who each other are, with the Resistance members do not know who their teammates are. In contrast to Werewolf, there are no "night phases," and there is no communication between the spies that isn't open for everybody to hear.

    Player order has been randomized. The current player order is as follows:
    1. djnealb
    2. Byronic Man
    3. noobspoon
    4. Flamoctapus
    5. ZombiePlatypus
    6. Muckfoot
    7. Artful-dodgeR
    8. Analoge

    There are (up to) five rounds of play. Each round, a subset of players will be sent on a mission. If all of the players sent on the mission choose to PASS the mission, then the mission PASSES, giving a point to the Resistance. If at least one of the players sent on the mission chooses to FAIL the mission, then the mission FAILS, giving a point to the Spies, regardless of how many PASS choices show up. The first team to three points is the winner.

    Resistance members must play a PASS if they are sent on the mission. Spies may choose to play a PASS or a FAIL.

    How do players get sent on a mission? I'm glad you asked. Each round, there is a Team Leader who proposes which players should go on the mission. He may choose to send himself. After the Team Leader decides who to send on a particular mission (remember to bold official orders), all players vote (secretly, via PM to me) on whether they approve of the team or not. Ties are not approved.

    If a team is not approved, then Team Leadership passes to the next player in line. For example, djnealb will be the first to propose a team, but if his team is not approved by the majority, then Byronic Man will be the next Team Leader to propose a team for Mission 1. However, if Team Leadership passes more than five times in a single round, the Resistance loses and the Spies automatically win. Or in other words, if on the first mission, djnealb's proposed team, Byronic Man's proposed team, noobspoon's proposed team, and Flamoctapus's proposed team are all voted down, then you all must vote for ZombiePlatypus's proposed team, or else the Spies will win the whole game. This resets once the second mission starts.

    The different missions have different numbers of people to go on them. In general, the early missions have fewer members going on them, while the later missions have more, requiring more precision by the Resistance in choosing members. I don't have the exact numbers with me, but when I get home (if I remember), I'll post the schedule.

    With 8 players, we will have 5 Resistance members and 3 Spies. Roles will be sent out soon. After that happens, djnealb may propose his team, and others may begin discussing strategy.

    Tips and Tricks

    The Resistance starts out at a disadvantage. The Spies have all of the information while the Resistance has none. However, through people's voting record and what happened on various missions, it's possible for the Resistance to deduce who the Spies are. One of the best tips toward this end is not to always blindly accept the first mission proposal that comes out. With more proposals, the Resistance gains more information.

    Spies may not always want to FAIL a mission that they are sent on. By playing a PASS, they may be able to gain the trust of the Resistance. Additionally, when more than one Spy is sent on a mission, it is very risky for a Spy to play a FAIL, because if two FAILs show up, then the Resistance can more easily sequester the Spies.

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    The Shin-Ra corporation headquarters loomed above everything in the dank city of Midgar. The people underneath the rotting pizza hardly ever thought about it; their daily lives were filled with too much hardship to worry about those who lived above the plate. There was a small group, however, calling themselves AVALANCHE, who believed that Shin-Ra was destroying the planet, and they needed to be stopped.

    The first target would be the nearest mako reactor: Reactor 7. Three AVALANCHE members would go on this mission. One would bring the explosives in a carefully packed container. The second would infiltrate the compound and set the bomb in the reactor. The third would be the one to detonate it. Unbeknownst to the leaders of AVALANCHE, some Shin-Ra spies had infiltrated their group, and they weren't keen on the idea of blowing up reactors...


    Yes we're doing Final Fantasy VII-themed.

    djnealb: You are first to propose a three-man team for this mission. You may choose to send yourself. Remember to bold you official orders; any unbolded text will be assumed to be discussion and will be ignored by me.
    Everybody: Before djnealb makes his decision, you are free to make suggestions. After djnealb makes his decision, PM me with your vote of whether you would like his proposed mission group to go on the mission, or whether you would like to pass leadership to the next person in line.

    Once all of the votes are in, I will reveal them simultaneously and resolve them.

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    I would like to be on the mission, and I also want to state FUCK FINAL FANTASY VII.

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    FFX has Lulu and Lulu has Lulu's tits.

    Plus I just never liked VII.

    But I've subjected y'all to Supernatural and might again in the future, so it's all good.

    Also, you said we have voting record to help us, but you also said that votes are secret via PM. Do you share who voted for what after it's all tallied?

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    Yes. Who voted what will be made public, but not until after all votes are in. Essentially, you cannot inform your vote based on what others have voted (like we've been doing lately). It works fine for Werewolf, but in the Resistance it's much more important since voting record is one of the few tools that the Resistance has.

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    Muckfoot's Avatar
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    This feels reminiscent of the Team Fortress game, making groups to try and work out who's the spies and such. I'm looking forward to it.

    Maybe we should suggest teams to DJ to choose, like give him a list?

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    djnealb's Avatar
    5,949 posts since Aug 2009

    I am absolutely open to suggestions of who should go on the first mission, but seeing as this is a Final Fantasy theme game, and that I'm a huge fan of the series, there is no way that I'm not sending myself on the first mission.

    Also, given the nature of the game, I would have thought that Final Fantasy VIII would have been a better theme. Players would be the student mercenaries of Balamb Garden hired by a resistance group to overthrow their local government, but the government has infiltrated the Garden's administration, thus being able to turn some of the students to their side. Of course, I'm a bit biased since VIII was my favorite game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muckfoot View Post
    This feels reminiscent of the Team Fortress game, making groups to try and work out who's the spies and such. I'm looking forward to it.

    Maybe we should suggest teams to DJ to choose, like give him a list?
    I probably got some inspiration for the TF2 game from this game.

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    IX was my favorite, but it has nothing to do with this game.

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    The puppy should put me on a mission with two other legit dudes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dexter345 View Post
    The Resistance Rules
    ^Team motto.^

    Also I love the theme.

    DJneal, put me on the team with you. If everybody accepts the team layout and the mission passes (or at least my vote comes up as PASS) everyone will know where my loyalties lie and can trust me to build a team for the next mission.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Byronic Man View Post
    ^Team motto.^

    Also I love the theme.

    DJneal, put me on the team with you. If everybody accepts the team layout and the mission passes (or at least my vote comes up as PASS) everyone will know where my loyalties lie and can trust me to build a team for the next mission.
    Unless you're a spy and vote on pass to lure us into trusting you.

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