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Thread: Let's play Werewolf on the forums!

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    I'll sit out for now, I was serious about the other things I need to focus on as much as I was also trying to use it as an excuse.

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    I'm out. Been fun playing with you bros. GGs.

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    Have to pass for a while. Barely had time to keep up with the last game. Was a blast playing again though, I'll drop by when things are less hectic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by usedtabe View Post
    I'm out. Been fun playing with you bros. GGs.
    Giving up?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Byronic Man View Post
    Giving up?
    Seriously, I didn't figure usedtabe for a quitter.

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    I'm not mad; I'm just disappointed.

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    Flamoctapus's Avatar
    1,940 posts since Sep 2011

    I'm in. Love these things.

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    ClownBaby's Avatar
    15,702 posts since Feb 2007

    I think Used was gonna be away/busy for awhile coming up, probably just taking a break.

    FOR NOW, I'm in, but I'm taking a craps class at work and could potentially end up having to be there a long time every day (depending if they move my schedule around for it or not).

    I'll know more tomorrow.

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    lizzardpt's Avatar
    1,886 posts since Feb 2012

    Count me in

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    djnealb's Avatar
    5,953 posts since Aug 2009

    I'm in.

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    ClownBaby's Avatar
    15,702 posts since Feb 2007

    Nobody yet. I can do it again if nobody else wants to I guess.

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    I want to but I don't know if I could put the time into making a good game.

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    I could also run one if nobody else steps up. It's been awhile since I've done one.

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    In the future I will host another variant of the Supernatural game, with tweaks to the Veteran Hunter and new rules for the Trickster, but not yet. A basic "traditional" game would be good in the interim.

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