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Thread: Let's play Werewolf on the forums!

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    At least it fit thematically. Dude did the same thing to their "game" in the film.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flamoctapus View Post
    Yep. Kinda turned the game into methodical killing with no real defense for the victims.
    Not to mention the fact that it made the Seer role irrelevant. It also didn't help that Used's lists were so dead-on; group two were dead men walkin' the second that list came out.

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    OK some things.

    Prophet - Dexter
    Bodyguard - Bizarro
    Martyr - Artful-dodgeR
    Aware Medium - RedBeard
    The Virgin - Mxy
    The Idiot - Nihil
    The Jock - Fraser Brown
    The Nerd - usedtabe
    Monster Team -

    I didn't expect Used to just make his second list the other half of his first list. If I were to revisit this, I would make it so he couldn't just do this.

    Also, the Nerd's special power was somewhat gamebreaking, just sayin'.
    The INTENT was for him to use it now, and use it much later when there were fewer players left. If it were revisited they would have to wait a few nights to use it again and couldn't use the same division of players as before.

    Killed early, so we didn't get to see much of any use in that.

    Muckfoot / Dexter
    Redbeard / Used
    Redbeard / Used
    Used / ZP
    Was an ASTONISHING success. Redbeard guessed the correct death on the FIRST NIGHT.

    The Martyr had a secondary power that was secret: they didn't die instead of the other person, they replaced them completely. AKA they took over whatever role they had. This would have included monsters.

    For some reason Artful was intent on waiting until Used got killed so he could use his power.

    I guess NOBODY paid attention early on when Used said he had used up his power, as this kept getting brought up. It's the same reason he kept being protected.

    Again, killed off early. He was making some strides towards finding people but didn't get to use any of the information.

    Did at least one bad guy vote to hang me today?
    NO (Bizarro, Used, ZP voted hang)

    Is at least one of the people in usedtabe's stated group B who voted for Toy Robot before the game a ghost robot?

    is at least one of djnealb, Panzadolphin56, or lizzardKing a ghost robot?


    Still alive, other than the normal ones.

    The Jock was killed on night one, so they never got to be triggered.
    This gave Mxy a bodyguard use (which he saved for a LONG time and spent on Used eventually) and made Nihil the diseased villager for the second night in the game, which he lived through.

    The Virgin and the Idiot stayed alive to the end, never triggering other powers.

    The Martyr was a miss, taking over for a vanilla villager. The Prophet and Bodyguard died too early to be useful, and Used did all his powers early which made the game.

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    I was the Virgin. The Jock ate it early on but the Idiot was still alive.

    EDIT: ninja'd!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aaron Mxy Yost View Post
    I was the Virgin. The Jock ate it early on but the Idiot was still alive.

    EDIT: ninja'd!
    I was totally gonna sacrifice myself to the robots so the virgin could get super voting, just so I could feel useful, although, I was right anyway in assuming Tarvu switched his vote to become a wolf, just like I did.

    Great minds...

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    Damn, I was going to take over Dexter as a second choice, should've gone with my gut!

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    Yeah, I've been meaning to say this for awhile, but after the first night, I felt like the Prophet was WAY overpowered. I essentially cleared ZP, used, and Bizarro all in one night, being three times as efficient as a traditional Seer.

    However, when it came to finding bad guys, the prophet is only as good as the traditional Seer, because I found that at least one of the three people in a group were Ghost Robots, but I couldn't narrow it down any more. For what it's worth, I was planning on coming out with my information the day after I was killed. =(

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    Good game. I think I'll agree that the powers of the villagers were pretty overpowered compared to the bad guys on this one.

    Also, Tarvu has no honour. Couldn't just end it with his death even though he was the last to vote.

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    I think he's probably incommunicado atm.

    Or he could just be being a jerk.

    On the game itself: I kinda agree with nerd seemed to break the game effectively right off the bat, maybe you should have either a nerd or a prophet? As they both seem pretty powerful.

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    It was a fun and good game, too bad we did not win

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    The Nerd didn't work out but was worth trying. The Prophet was interesting, but again didn't work out. Could use tighter restrictions on what can/can't be asked.

    I like the bodyguard idea still, especially in a bigger game. I'd also like to continue experimenting with roles that are tied to each other. They utterly failed to make an impact this time, but can prove interesting.

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    I enjoyed the game, especially since it was my very first time to be on the bad guy's team. Also, I was NOT the one who was informed that the Toy Robot would make me a monster. That was Tarvu. However, early on (thanks to the Nerd), both lizzy and I saw that we were gonna go to the chopping block pretty soon and agreed that if it looked so, we commit suicide and claim that we were in the know in hopes that it might take some of the heat off of Tarvu for changing his item selection so late.

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    That reminds me, I really liked that bit. Sure it only added a SMALL amount of day-one discussion, but even that small amount was worth it.

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    As the martyr it was just too hard to choose who to take over after death. On the one hand, if everyone exposed their rules it's easy, but the game sucks. On the other hand, it's a complete crap shoot.

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    In theory I liked the idea of the "choose your own adventure" start, but in action I don't like it. It just drags out the start too much with no real meaning. The info gained is largely negligible.

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    I would like to thank Mountain Dew Double XP for that win. Couldn't a done it without ya baby.

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    I think ZP is wrong and should stop expressing his opinion on the matter in case someone else agrees with him.

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    I quite liked the intro bit, it was kind of useless in terms of the overall game but who voted for what and why gave us something to speculate over before we had anything real to go on.

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    Sorry if I held up the end of the game, I was at Glow Bear's for the weekend and her wifi was racist against linux.

    Quote Originally Posted by usedtabe View Post
    I brokeded yo game.

    I agree with this.

    Also LizzardKing you fucking suck.

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    Oh yeah, I forgot to ask: What the fuck was lizzardKing doing with his "I'm a monster" bullshit? Was he just fucking stupid and got careless or was it planned?

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