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Thread: Let's play Werewolf on the forums!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cadtalfryn View Post
    I recognize that face. That's my murder everybody face.

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    Murder everybody like a werewolf would!

    Out of character:

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    I had the craziest dream that I was part of this village that had a problem with werewolves eating everyone. I sure am glad we don't have that problem here. Has everyone had a chance to introduce themselves yet?

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    Still waiting to hear from Bleep and Mxy, to make sure they realize this is goin'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aerox View Post
    Hang Julius

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    (you have to bold it)

    Hang Julius

    After a long day, I just look forward to relaxing tonight. I'll be hanging out at the local pub for a few hours if anybody wants to join me for a drink before night.

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    dtoiddisco Greeting my fellow VILLAGERS!!

    Hi there I am bleep,
    I'm a man when the suns up
    now lets play the game!

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    julius comes back from the ded and masturbates while looking at jros feet

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    ​Hang myself

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aerox View Post
    ​Hang myself
    LOL dude thinks your feet are HAWT (wear socks at ALL TIMES)

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    My name is Mxy and I like living in villages. SKEET SKEET!

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    I'm seconding the pub. Save me a seat Clown.

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    Hells yeah!

    (side-note, I believe everybody has posted if your call for Mxy and Bleep to say hi was right)

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    Boozies wit da floozies at that pub!

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    Night Phase 1

    After only meeting each other earlier today, the villagers really hit it off. Led by an outsider named Julius and the town's Drunk, they all had a grand night at the Bearded Clam, the local brewery and pub. After a long night of debauchery, two of the villagers were seen going home together, having only just met. Of course, with such hazy memories of the night, nobody would be able to recall just who it was.

    Most of the villagers stumbled home and blacked out, but one was wise enough to order tonic and lime all night. This villager foresaw a great evil coming to Forumtowne, and planned to head it off.

    After everybody else was passed out in his or her own bathtub, the Seer crept into one house to investigate a fellow villager, in order to see if anything abnormal occurred.

    Seer: PM me to let me know who you want to know about.
    Werewolves: Feel free to discuss strategy, but you won't be attacking anybody tonight. (You're too wasted.)
    Bodyguard: The Werewolves aren't attacking, so there's no need to protect anybody tonight. (You're also too wasted.)
    Vigilante: Did somebody piss you off at the bar? You could kill that person if you wanted to. Let me know via PM if you want to issue street justice already. Being too drunk only makes you better at murdering somebody at night.
    Everbody else: Sleepy time!

    They cut Julius off! Can you believe it?

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    (my boozie AND my floozie)

    (my cat got in on the action, too)

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