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Thread: Let's play Werewolf on the forums!

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    dtoiddisco Let's play Werewolf on the forums!

    So, anybody who listens to the Zero Cool podcast (I forgive you if you don't) knows that I've gotten into board gaming more and more, with this past year having me really going off the deep end. I've been spending a lot of time at BoardGameGeek, which is a fine website, though not as fine as this one. One of the things I do there is participate in play-by-forum games; essentially, they are asynchronous online games, with a moderator handling all of the board aspects.

    I want to do that with Dtoiders! But there are a few problems. I don't have a lot of time to produce awesome board images like some people do for games of Battlestar Galactica. More importantly, though, very few people have the games I have, so if I tried to get a game going of Gears of War: the Board Game, I doubt I'd get any players.

    Both of those problems are solved with game choice. We'll play Werewolf! Some people know the game as Mafia. It has no board to keep track of, and you can play it without owning any version of the game. One extra benefit of this is that it can seat a huge number of players. For the sake of time, I'm thinking of capping this first game at 15 or 20 players, to see how it flows. If you don't know how to play, don't worry. That's what the next few paragraphs are for.

    Werewolf is a game of teams, though the teams aren't explicitly known by everybody. A group of werewolves are savaging a town, and the townspeople need to put a stop to it. The game is played in phases, with a night phase and a day phase. During the night phase, the werewolves choose one villager to rend and devour. This choice is made secretly (PM'd to me). During the day phase, all villagers (werewolves included) discuss what happened, accuse each other of lycanthropy, and eventually call for an execution. If a majority vote is obtained, the player in question is hung and is out of the game. Discussion and voting is done publicly (posted to the forum).The team of werewolves wins if there are ever an equal number of werewolf villagers as there are regular villagers. The team of villagers wins if they successfully root out and execute all of the werewolves.

    There are a few special roles that can help the villager team. Roles that will be randomly (and secretly) distributed are the Seer and the Bodyguard. The Seer gets to choose one other player each night to know about. He will be secretly given the information that the chosen player is either a villager or a werewolf. He can make public accusation during the next daytime phase, but it paints him as a target for any surviving werewolves. The Bodyguard can choose one player each night to be protected from a werewolf attack. If the werewolves and the Bodyguard choose the same player, it will be made public that an attack occurred, but that there were no casualties. Who was attacked will not be made public by me, but again, the Bodyguard (or the Werewolves) can make that information public if they so choose.

    And that's about it! Of course, there are some play-by-forum-specific rules that I ought to throw in here.
    1. Only sign up if you plan on playing. I expect players to check in at least once a day (perhaps less on weekends), and ideally multiple times throughout the day.
    2. Keep in mind that with twenty players, this could take a VERY long time. I have nothing to base this estimate off of, but I would not be surprised to see this game last 2-3 months.
    3. Make sure that all secret information is handled by PM to me and me only, and any other communication between players occurs publicly in this thread.
    4. You may be eliminated from the game after only a single turn (either from a werewolf mauling or from a villager execution). Dead players are encouraged to continue following the game, though they may not share any information they had before they were killed.
    5. I'm sure there's something else I'll think of that I haven't considered yet that I'll have to put here.

    So without further ado, who wants in?

    Game 1 is complete! Werewolves won! Game 2 started here.
    Game 2 is complete! Werewolves won! Game 3 started here.
    Game 3 is complete! Werewolves won! Game 4 started here.
    Game 4 is complete! Werewolves won! Game 5 started here.
    Game 5 is complete! Werewolves won! Game 6 started here. (Forumgoers vs. Hackers)
    Game 6 is complete! Villagers won! Game 7 started here. (Assassins vs. Templars)
    Game 7 is complete! Villagers won! Game 8 started here. (Samurai vs. Ninja)
    Game 8 is complete! Villagers won! Game 9 started here. (BLU Mercenaries vs. RED Spies)
    Game 9 is complete! Villagers won! Game 10 started here. (Humans vs. the Thing)
    Game 10 is complete! The Thing (Artful-dodgeR) won! Game 11 started here. (Mafia Family vs. Mafia Organization)
    Game 11 is complete! The Family won! Game 12 started here (Humans vs. Cylons)
    Game 12 is complete! Humans (and Byronic Man) won! Game 13 started here (Battle Royale everybody vs. each other)
    Game 13 is complete! Team Nighthawk won! Game 14 started here.
    Game 14 is complete! Villagers won! Game 15 started here.
    Game 15 is complete! Werewolf won! Game 16 started here. (Hunters vs. Demons)
    Game 16 is complete! Hunters won! Game 17 started here. (Villagers vs. Ghost Robots)
    Game 17 is complete! Villagers won! Game 18 started here. (Townspeople vs. Rats)
    Game 18 is complete! Rats won! Game 19 started here.
    Game 19 is complete! Villagers won! Game 20 started here.
    Game 20 is complete! Werewolves won! Game 21 started here. (AVALANCHE vs. Shin-Ra)
    Game 21 is complete! Shin-Ra won! Game 22 started here. (Runners vs. Government)
    Game 22 is complete! Government won! Game 23 started here. (Judges vs. Corrupt Judges)
    Game 23 is complete! Judges won! Game 24 started here. (Humans vs. Deadites)
    Game 24 is complete! Humans won! Game 25 started here. (Humans vs. Snatchers)
    Game 25 is complete! Snatchers won! Game 26 started here. (Humans vs. Octokids)
    Game 26 is complete! BFFs won! Game 27 started here. (Warriors vs. Rogues)
    Game 27 is complete! Rogues won! Game 28 started here. (Demon Hunters vs. Werewolves)
    Game 28 is complete! Demon Hunters won! Game 29 started here. (Islanders vs. Test Subjects)
    Game 29 is complete! Islanders won! Game 30 started here. (Allies vs. Axis)
    Game 30 is complete! Axis won! Game 31 started here. (Villagers vs. Werewolves vs. Vampires)
    Game 31 is complete! Villagers won! Game 32 started here. (Ghost Hunters vs. Possessed)
    Game 32 is complete! Ghost Hunters won! That's all for this thread, folks! See you in the next one!
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    1. Shinobi13

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    Hooray! My first victim player! Welcome aboard!

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    I love Werewolf, count me in.

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    I'm curious, I'll play. One question though, how do the werewolves decide who to eat if they have to do it in secret? Are they all just PM'ing each other like crazy or is there some special organization to this that I'm missing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zodiac Eclipse View Post
    I'm curious, I'll play. One question though, how do the werewolves decide who to eat if they have to do it in secret? Are they all just PM'ing each other like crazy or is there some special organization to this that I'm missing?
    My guess is they conspire via PMs.

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    I've been thinking about it and trying to figure out the best way to do it, and I think it might be that I'll let each werewolf know who his teammates are, and allow PMs between them. PMs among normal villagers or between villagers and werewolves would still be forbidden, on the honor system.

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    Sign me up dex!

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    Sounds like fun, I'll play.

    Are the day and night phases posted in the thread?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bobthecatlol View Post
    Sounds like fun, I'll play.

    Are the day and night phases posted in the thread?
    I'll let you guys know when the new phases begin. They'll be posted in the thread, yes.

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    I'm hoping for at least twelve players. Come on, people! Six more! (Or fourteen more, even!)

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    sounds like a howlin good time

    Count me in!

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    Yeah, alright.

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    Make it a Kyle Doubledown.

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    All right, we've got what I wanted as the bare minimum signed up. I will delay starting the game for a couple of reasons. One, Aerox wants special treatment and requests that we don't start until after he's done covering Blizzcon (such a diva). Two, it gives us more time to recruit some more players.

    The game will officially begin next week. Keep an eye on your PM inboxes for your role. If you don't check these forums every day, send me a PM with your Gtalk/email so I can let you know if we're waiting on you.

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    OR we could start the game right now and just immediately vote to hang Aerox. I'd allow it!

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    But I like Aerox, even with his diva-like tendencies. Did you know he insists on only eating the green skittles when he covers dtoid events because he thinks it gives him special powers. Totally true story.

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    I'm totally down. Isn't there a Lovecraft-themed version of this out there featuring villagers/cultists?

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