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Thread: Let's play Werewolf on the forums!

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    Nothing really gave it away, but you were one of my first guesses for werewolf because you're cunning in your answers and were very active in trying to get people to accuse each other. Plus after I posted that I suspected you and nobody reacted I ended up dead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dexter345 View Post
    Ladies and gentlemen, your three werewolves! Give them a hand, they really put on a good show. I thought it was funny when Knives grouped all of the villagers as either quiet, normal, or aggressive. One of the werewolves ended up in each category. Anyway, award time!
    I did say that if there was one on each we were most likely screwed (since then each villager would most likely have a wolf they could sympathize with). I had suspicions of Kyle (I mentioned how he might be overplaying the villager role) and Byronic (the experienced player, Glitchy felt the same way), but like I said on my plan post, I was more willing to follow their opinions cause they were actually talking and helping the flow of the game. I don't know if Bleep went more vocal because of this, but I was hoping that the other villagers would get that it was too risky to only be getting opinions and ideas from just 3 people (even if I had been proved a villager).

    In the end I stalled a bit hoping that someone else would do something after realizing we were most likely hanging a villager, but Bleep and Mxy pretty much gave up. Bleep could've still nominated someone, Mxy could've said he was medic (didn't really matter if he became a night target at that point), back up his info a bit (say who he tried to save each night, say he missed Aerox's post, cast a nomination) instead of being so defensive.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dexter345 View Post
    The Irony Award goes to... Shinobi13! As he was being executed, he kept going on about how important it is to be right. This is, of course, after he had nominated Aerox and Bleep to be executed. I was also considering giving him the That Makes No Sense Award, for the combo ideas of "being right is all that matters," but "I won't ever change my mind about anything, even if I'm wrong." Good job, Shinobi13! You convinced your teammates to murder you!

    The WTF You Broke my Game Award of course goes to... Knives! He came up with the game-winning exploit, and it would have worked if the villagers got behind it. It seems like it'd be a bit of a hollow victory, if Knives were the only villager left in the village. But hey, you found a loophole that is forcing me to amend my rules a bit. It's a learning experience.
    During Shinobi's trial I realized there was nothing holding together the villager side together. I asked Dex on gtalk how the hangings worked cause I thought I could get to a scenario similar to Bleep's at the end, and then prevent one hanging by hanging a different person first (I was hoping the hangings happened in order, so that hanging someone would remove their vote on another trial, thus saving them, but Dex told me they don't). While thinking about a different approach the idea popped up.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dexter345 View Post
    Lastly, the Biggest Mistake in Hindsight Award goes to... Aerox! As many of you surmised, Aerox was the Seer. Of course, some of you didn't pick up on it. By merely hinting that he was the Seer, the wolves picked up on it and decided to eat him, but I suspect that two people didn't pick up on the hint. Cadtalfryn probably would not have made the same hint if he realized what he was hinting at, and Mxy, the Medic, probably would have elected to save Aerox that night. In hindsight, it probably would have been better for Aerox to completely spill the beans at that point. Mxy probably would have saved him, but even if not, he could have passed on to the villagers all of what he had found out: that both Knives and Shinobi13 were regular villagers. On the third night, he also found out that Zodiac was not a werewolf, but he was killed before he could tell anybody.

    Maybe the same thing that happened to me happened to Aerox, I casted my vote at like 4pm, went out, got back before 8pm and the day phase was already over. If night phase hadn't snuck up on me (us?), allowing me to tell Glitchy that Cad and Aerox used the same "foresee" line, Cad could've at least said an "ooops my mistake", maybe Mxy wouldn't have missed it and maybe Aerox would've said more before getting mauled.

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    I would like to participate in the next game. =)

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    ClownBaby's Avatar
    15,666 posts since Feb 2007

    I want in for round 2 please.

    One thing you should do is update the first post with "Game 2" and link to the first official post of game 2 (I was going to say use page # but people use different settings).

    I think we all agree that Game 2 should have cards revealed at death, but do we want to JUST reveal Werewolves, or reveal everything? I think it'd be more interesting to do everything maybe even just to see how it goes, but lets get some votes in here.

    Also do we want more roles? The lovers could be interesting.

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    Actually, just in time for Werewolf Game 2, my copy of Ultimate Werewolf: Ultimate Edition came in the mail. I just got done looking through the roles, and here are the ones I want to include:

    Teenage Werewolf: This player is on the Werewolf team, and has all of the same abilities as a regular werewolf, but he is so excited to be a werewolf that he must type "werewolf" in at least one post during each Day Phase, or else he is killed the following night.
    Vigilante: This player is on the Villager team. Once per game, he may choose to kill one other player during the night.
    Drunk: This player can be on either team, but he doesn't know which team he is on until the third night, after he sobers up.
    The Lovers: These players can be on either team. If one dies by any means, the other immediately commits suicide. If they are both Villagers, they win with the Villagers. If they are both Werewolves, they win with the Werewolves. If one is a Villager and the other is a Werewolf, they only win if they are the last two surviving players. If we use this one, the game will not end when werewolves achieve parity (3 to 3, like in this last game). We will continue playing until either all of the werewolves are killed, all of the Villagers are killed, or the Lovers are the last two remaining.
    Bodyguard: I'm changing the name of the Medic to the Bodyguard, because it makes more sense.

    Other things I want to change! I will try out the role reveals, but I am leaning toward only revealing what team players were on, not their roles. If there is enough demand for full role reveal, I would try that variant at least once. If you want it purely from a balance perspective, I'm doing other things to try to tweak the balance (mostly the addition of the new roles).

    Nominations and executions will be handled differently, to avoid Knivesing it up. Each Day Phase, there will be either zero or one trial. Each player will either nominate somebody (in bold) or abstain from nominating (also in bold). The player with the most nominations (at least two) will be put on trial. If there is a tie or nobody receives more than one nomination, there is no trial that day. This allows everybody to get a say regardless of time, but disallows multiple lynchings in one day.

    Another thing I want to do in order to shift the balance a bit is to start with a Day Phase where each player introduces himself, then on the first Night Phase, the Seer does his thing, while the Werewolves do not yet. This gives the Seer a bit of a headstart, and it also eliminates the problem of somebody signing up to play and then getting eaten before being able to even do anything. Poor Bobthecatlol.

    I'll take care not to shift the balance too far in the Villagers' favor; so don't worry if this seems like a bit much. None of this is set in stone.

    With that said, who's in for Destructoid Werewolf Game 2?

    1. Shinobi13 -
    2. Byronic Man - IN
    3. Zodiac Eclipse - IN
    4. Knives - IN
    5. Bobthecatlol -
    6. Mr Brlghtslde - IN
    7. Aerox - IN
    8. Bleep - IN
    9. Victor - OUT
    10. KyleGamgee - IN
    11. Cadtalfryn - IN
    12. Aaron Mxy Yost - IN
    13. Glitchy - IN
    14. M47R1X - IN
    15. usedtabe - IN
    16. ClownBaby - IN
    17. Aurain - IN
    Last edited by Dexter345; 11-03-2011 at 12:00 AM.

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    ClownBaby's Avatar
    15,666 posts since Feb 2007

    Read up a little, usedtabe wants in as well and I think a few others might have mentioned wanting in this time.

    I really want the lovers in, that one sounds like a REALLY interesting dynamic. I like your day/night change ideas. Medic being bodyguard is fine, just for namesake purpose.

    Actually I'm OK with all your additions. Don't know if they'll work well but lets give it a shot, won't know otherwise.

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    Dex, you were a fantastic GM. Thanks for hosting the game!

    Quote Originally Posted by Zodiac Eclipse View Post
    Nothing really gave it away, but you were one of my first guesses for werewolf because you're cunning in your answers and were very active in trying to get people to accuse each other. Plus after I posted that I suspected you and nobody reacted I ended up dead.
    Cheers. I actually wanted to spare you that night for this reason and kill Bleep but the others insisted. It all worked out in the end though, I was lucky nobody mentioned this as it does implicate me!

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    Poor choice of words I guess. Dexter emailed me while I was traveling out of state so I put a short response in via my phone when I was on the road. Didn't have a lot of time to read up on what was going on because there were more pressing matters to attend to. So I didn't realize J-Ro said the same thing. I had a feeling Kyle was a wolf though. Over acting. Too bad I didn't get a chance to accuse'm. Fuck y'all.

    Eh, I'll come back for another game. Hopefully I'll get more trust this time and won't get lynched first. Although, posting hilarious images instead of talking was fun.

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    ClownBaby's Avatar
    15,666 posts since Feb 2007

    Just a forward FYI before the next one even gets started: I have dealer school between 4:30 and 10PM Central Monday through Friday.

    I always check all my emails and usually through here right before I leave, so I shouldn't have any problem posting something right before I leave and at the latest right when I get back, but if I'm gone or something and you're waiting on me to do something, give me to the end of the real life day when possible.

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    As before, I expect players to check in and post required stuff at least once per day on weekdays, and ideally multiple times per day if you can swing it. You should be fine, ClownBaby.

    Upon further thought, the Teenage Werewolf would be WAY too easy to spot in a forum setting. The Villagers could just make an agreement not to type "werewolf" on the first day, and they'd figure out at least one Werewolf. I found it one of the more interesting roles from the moderator's perspective, but it definitely would work better in person than over a forum.

    What I may do is add in the Braggart (or the Gossip, I don't have a great name for it). It'd be another additional role for somebody, like the Drunk or the Lovers. The Braggart can be a Werewolf or a Villager (even the Seer or Bodyguard), and he must type his own role at least once per Day Phase. So a werewolf would still have to say the word "werewolf" if he were the Braggart, a Villager would have to say "villager," the Seer would have to say "seer," and so on.

    And now that I'm just making crap up, I think it would be hilarious to give somebody the role of the Obsessed. Another additional role, this player would have to say some relatively innocuous word like "table" or "fire" every day. I don't see how this could possibly affect strategy and deduction; I just think it would be funny for me.

    Another cool role I read about are the Masons. The Masons are on the Villager team. They all know who each other are, but they are not allowed to mention the Masons in any way, nor is anybody else in the game allowed to reference the Masons. I probably won't add them in, because I think they pretty heavily benefit the Villager team.

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    ClownBaby's Avatar
    15,666 posts since Feb 2007

    The Masons would be cool if it was a HUGE group, and you had like 3 of them. For what we're going for I'm thinking not though. I kind of agree about Teenage Werewolf, it'd be too easy to figure it out.

    Braggart is more interesting in that regard.

    Ultimately I think small details like that (the braggart, if you include it) shouldn't be known to us if they're even in the game. If we KNOW, we'll just start looking for posting patterns in people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClownBaby View Post
    Ultimately I think small details like that (the braggart, if you include it) shouldn't be known to us if they're even in the game. If we KNOW, we'll just start looking for posting patterns in people.
    I have a cool idea for something like this. I will probably implement it for the coming game, and as such, I won't tell you guys about it. Only the person with this role will know.

    Now I'm really excited with coming up with secret roles that affect Day Phase behavior.

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    I'm interested in playing in Gm2

    If someone is the braggart and they happen to be a werewolf isn't that nearly the same thing a teenage werewolf?

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    ClownBaby's Avatar
    15,666 posts since Feb 2007

    Yes, but we don't know if the braggart is a werewolf, villager, or one of the other roles. So them saying "werewolf" a lot will be suspicious yes, but it won't be a dead giveaway.

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    I'm in, also I agree with clown baby, maybe it's best if we don't know what behavioral cards are in play.

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    ClownBaby's Avatar
    15,666 posts since Feb 2007

    Hopefully we can get this started before too long, I have to admit I'm kind of excited. I wanted to see how the first one went down and it was entertaining as all hell. It'll be a nice way to unwind before/after dealer class.

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    I'm in for the next round.

    If I was ever put on trial I was going to claim I was the Seer. Every Day Phase I thought about what I would say. It never did happen. I could tell I was arousing a good bit of suspicion at times and the hope was to help my werewolf brothers survive.

    I'm so curious about the Medic/Bodyguard role in the last game. Mxy, (if its not too much to ask) could you tell us who you elected to try to save each night, and a line or two as to why? That'd be cool. Like Victor said, he wanted to eat Mom the first night, but I was afraid she would be too obvious a choice and the medic might protect her. Poor Bobthecatlol.

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    From memory, here is who Mxy protected:

    Night 1: Glitchy (roll of a d12, he said)
    Night 2: Zodiac
    Night 3: Himself
    Night 4: Knives

    As far as why he chose who he chose, he only mentioned his reasoning behind Glitchy. So he still could answer with his rationale. And hey, at least he never protected any werewolves!

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    I'll play again.

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    awww he tried to protect me, now I feel bad for thinking he was a werewolf. I'm in for game 2, but I might be really scarce on weekends.

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