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Thread: 32+ Games To Beat In 30 Days

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    32+ Games To Beat In 30 Days

    [Edit: Woo, thread of the day!]
    [Edit: IT IS DONE!]
    So here's the skinny
    Before buying Rage day one, I've decided to go through the entire catalog of games id Software has created and/or published. So every Wolfenstein, DOOM, heretic/Hexen, Quake, and of course Commander Keen. No to mention their off shoot titles like Orcs & Elves, Catacombs 3D, etc. It's about 32 games, all done throughout September, so that when Rage is bestowed upon me in early October, my body is ready.
    I've got the schedule worked out to accomplish this in 16 days without dicking around, so that last thing that I need to do is decide on the order to play these games in.

    Do I play through every Wolfenstein in order, then every DOOM, and move on the series in order?
    Do I play through every game id Software developed in order first, then the games developed under Raven and published by id?
    Do I play through every single game in chronological order?
    Do I say fuck it?

    This will take approximately 256 hours to do, if each game is estimated at 8 hours a playthrough. Obviously some games will take much less (I'll storm through the DOOM titles), but this will no doubt be very tiresome. Which is why I would like the best line-up of titles to help keep my mind upto speed, rather than dozing off after tedious hours/days of gaming.

    So, suggestions?
    I'll also be keeping a progress blog, editing after I beat a game with how long it took, my mentality at the time, etc.
    I expect alot of people saying "This is the dumbest thing I've ever heard", and while I agree, I still want to challenge myself to this kind of challenge. 21 years of gaming in a single month, bring it on!
    Edit: For those that care (All none of you), I'll be updating This entry as I complete games with various information, and nostalgia filled comments for sure.
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    Well best of luck, gonna be tough.

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    I would do it in chronological order so I could watch the technology progress. Good luck.

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    Yeah, go in order of games published, and seriously? 32 games in 16 days? How the fuck are you going to achieve that?

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    I feel for you, ID's games typically aren't that fun. Rage is going to be very pretty but likely meh ala Crysis.

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    Having 8 hours of estimate time to beat a game, I will beat a minimum of 2 games per day, filling up 16 hours of the day. I will repeat this process for 16 days to get through most of/all of the titles at the halfway point of the month. The other 8 hours of the day are for work, sleeping, updating progress blog, and going out to gigs.
    I'm glad I get to choose my hours, and only work 20 hours/month for $30/hour. Gives me the time I need to do shit like this.

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    Good luck! After this you are probably going to hate games for a while.

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    Did Hexen even have a story to play through?

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    Good luck, Uncle Bed Commando whatever.

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    Good luck dude.

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    Just to let everyone know, I've started with Commander Keen Episode 1: Marooned on Mars. No going back now. Edited a link to my blog so you can read as my brain melts as time goes on.

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    Don't mean to post twice, but in just 8 days I have completed this task. GIVE ME RECOGNITION!
    I kid, but just wanted to show that it was possible, and in a very short time frame.
    Details the length of each game

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    You should go request a Games Master badge!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tarvu View Post
    You should go request a Games Master badge!
    Nice job man. You humble me. I wish I had your resolve.

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