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Thread: DTNE Presents: Funspot 2K11

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    DTNE Presents: Funspot 2K11

    Where: Funspot in Laconia, NH
    When: 2pm at Funspot September 24th

    Hey there! It’s almost that time of year again when Dtoid New England celebrates it’s annual Funspot NARP! For those that don’t know, Funspot is pretty much the mecca of classic gaming and we're going there! This year’s classic arcade trip will begin on Saturday, September 24th at 2pm. After a few hours of arcades and ticket whoring, we head to my place just outside of Boston for some NARPage. It's going to be a solid day of awesome!

    I made a C-blog about it with a little more detail

    DTNE: Presents Funspot 2K11

    Show me dat interest, y'all!

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    man if I could get time off I'd come with you. I'll talk to you about this tomorrow seni.

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    Bump, for reminders. Shit is next week, sons!

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