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Thread: I'm A Badass/Wiener Because...

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    I'm A Badass/Wiener Because...

    This is a little idea I've been kicking around for a while. I had though to make it two threads, but threads derail here more often than Amtrack, amirite?

    Also, I'm not sure if this has been done before. I searched but found nothing.

    So anywho, what things make you a BADASS () or a wiener ()?

    I'll start.

    B: I punch holes in walls without even trying.
    W: I have an irrational fear of wasps.

    They don't have to be bundled. Just put a B: or W: before whatever and you're good.
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    B: Doctor flicked my ankle after "spraining" it and said I would have not been able to stay sitting if it was fractured or broken. X-rays one week later show that it was indeed fractured, I wanted to punch doc in the face.
    W: I am afraid of heights

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    B: I have a lot of chest hair. Ladies dig the chest hair.
    W: I sting, burn, and itch like crazy wherever I shave, no matter what I use except for my junk.
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    B: After waking up in the hospital after being hit/drug by a car, I immediately started hitting on the cute nurse.
    W: I'm more afraid of bees, wasps, hornets and spiders than any grown man has the right to be. 10 feet away? Yeah FUCK YOU. 5 feet away? GET THE FUCK AWAAAYYYYY

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    B: I shave with only water. Sometimes I don't even use water
    W: I cannot for the life of me watch surgeries. Or blood. Or both.

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    B: I shave my balls with a dry razor. Nothing but my balls and a Gillette.
    W: I have two cats.
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    B: I once watched a video of a man, ahem, sit down (and envelop) a jar (you've probably seen the video. If not, don't attempt to find it), and baked cookies less than half an hour later.
    W: ​I couldn't eat the cookies afterwards.
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    B: I slit the back of my head skiing (1-2" gash), didn't stop until I was tired and just let it scab and cake.
    W: I stopped skateboarding after one fall that only resulted in a few large scrapes, very little blood.

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    B: I've birthed a human being.
    W: Spiders and snakes are icky and I won't touch them.

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    B: I look like John Shepard.
    W: I don't have the scar. Or the body.
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    Why was this locked for awhile?

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    It was a mistake, don't worry about it.

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    B: I shoot very well.
    W: I cried at the end of MGS 4

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    B: Instead of getting a cyst drained with an incision and anesthesia and leaving a scar, I oped out for a needle poke and painfully squeezing it out. Took it like a boss.
    W: I freak out if It feels like I walked into a spiderweb.

    Quote Originally Posted by The Bear King View Post
    B: Because I look out for my friends, and consider them like family.
    Immediately thought:

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    B: I do science and will one day save the world or start the zombie apocalypse. either way it will be awesome
    W: I have asthma and get scared of talking to people sometimes and get lost in my own town that ive lived in all my life

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    B: I've lived in Texas 99% of my life and now consider 100+ degree days as just "pretty warm"
    W: I'm so scared of spiders that usually I have to get my fiance to kill them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by M47R1X View Post
    BADASS () or a wiener ()
    Those are both wieners... :/

    B: I killed me a bear when I was only three. (SORRY BK)
    W: It was a care bear.

    Okay, real answer time...

    B: I saved my brother from being electocuted when we were in elementary school. We had been playing in a sprinkler and were all wet, he came in contact with an electrical source and was frozen in place being zapped. I grabbed him and pulled him off, getting a good jolt myself, and we fell to the ground. I got my name up on the billboard in front of our school and went to a ceremony at the state capitol to receive an award/plaque.

    W: I'm so damned shy. I clam up around people, am terrible on the phone, etc. Around people I know and am comfortable around I get crazy silly.

    I'm glad that whenever I've met Dtoiders there's enough of a comfort level and familiarity so that I'm automatically at least halfway there. I always have a fear of making a terrible impression when meeting you fucks.

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    B: I will kick a child when he's down and feel no remorse about it.
    W: I involuntarily tense up my muscles if children are near, the same way you wieners tense up around bugs.

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    B: I got hit by a car, and Immediately stood up, said I was fine and wanted to go home. (they had to force me to go to the hospital, strapped down. jerks)
    W: If I see a june bug (even a dead one) I will run like the littlest of little girls. possibly also screaming.

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