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Thread: The Dishonored Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Victor View Post
    Thanks, dude.

    Just to be clear, my point was "it's not generic", not "you should love it".
    Definitely, generic probably wasn't the right word for me to use. I was just trying to express why I wasn't excited for it anymore and it was hard to put into words how I felt. :cool:

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    Just watched the footage on the front page from this, looks good.

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    I hope it gets announced for Rezzed.

    Quote Originally Posted by DHoov View Post
    IMO, the stealth didn't look that different from any of the other "play however you want" type games such as MGS 4, skyrim, assassins creed series,
    Except all of these games have heavily scripted missions. I'd love an Assassins creed game to have proper sand box game play but that really isn't the case.

    Oh and I know that's an old comment but whatever.

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    It looks freaking awesome.

    On a sidenote and thinking about the valid (though extremely rude) article on the front page, could this be considered fantasy? I think it should.

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    Well it's steampunk really. So, erm, no?

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    It's not steampunk. Even if it were, steampunk is still fantasy in a way, unless you only count dragons/elves/wizards as fantasy.

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    How is it not steampunk? But yeah that's why I had a question mark before. But yeah it's not high fantasy which is generic elves and shit.

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    It's not steampunk. There's no coal power to be seem, technology is based around electricity rather than steam and I can't find a single oversized rivet.

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    Whale oil technically and its very much early industrial and Victorian era fashion. It's certainly closer to steampunk than traditional fantasy.

    But yeah everything is powered by whale oil or some horrible shit like that.

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    Whale oil is turned into that blue stuff, and that generates electricity. It's stempunk-ish, I guess, like that runepunk or something (like steampunk, but with magic instead of steam).

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    Definitely interested in this one.

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    It's Steampunk Victor.

    And it is fantasy, it's just not Fantasy with a capital F (as in the genre.)

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    It's not steampunk. The only steampunk characteristic it has is the visuals being based around Victorian England.

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    Early-ish gunpowder and swords being prominent as well. Doesn't matter much since you can POSSESS FISH.

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    Technology designed around how people of that era might have envisioned it, a focus on mechanical contraptions as opposed to how our world is mostly digital and electronic in its development, the use of steam power (duh) and a predominance of metalurgy on building and structures, as well as Victorian fashion being the general rule.

    Quote Originally Posted by Scroll View Post
    Early-ish gunpowder and swords being prominent as well. Doesn't matter much since you can POSSESS FISH.
    Nah, that's what they described as Neo-Victorian, not steampunk. It's a similarity because of the aesthetic Arkane was going for, but that's it.

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    How is that different from Dishonored then?

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    In every way. Every single one of those.

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    Well ok, but if it's not steampunk exactly then it's atleast steampunk-like.

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    Steampunk-ish. It has aspects in common, but is too different to be considered steampunk. Not every distopic future is cyberpunk, and not every Victorian inspired look is steampunk.

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