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Thread: The Dishonored Thread

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    That's a shame, I suppose I'll wait for the Dark Messiah to go on sale, then.

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    it doesn't get much cheaper than 10 dollars... if it does go on sale it would be during either the summer sale (which it was) or the christmas sale.

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    Dishonored preview made the main page today! Forgot about the enormous whales that were used for fuel. Kinda gross. And I'm almost positive it's Dunwall, not Dumwall. Insert childish joke here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by M47R1X View Post
    That's a shame, I suppose I'll wait for the Dark Messiah to go on sale, then.
    Though it sounds like I'm damning the game I'm really not. It's lots of silly fun and the story would probably only detract from that.

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    The preview on the FP today was the most I've heard of this game though I know it was only announced pretty recently. It sounds pretty cool. The setting seems pretty unique. I've never played any of the Thief games, so I'm not really sure what to expect of Dishonored.

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    Jim Sterling made a somewhat funny post here on the main page about the guards on those cool stilts. Not quite Jim Sterling caliber, IMO, but whatever.

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    This sure was thread of the day. This place was fucking happening yesterday.

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    I know, ​can you believe it?

    They don't go by post-count anymore. They see one they like the best and pick it, as far as I can tell. One thread last week had less than twenty views and absolutely no replies.
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    Commencing Operation Intrude N313.

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    I've been following this since I saw that enemy dual-wielding a pistol and a sword. I really hope we can dual-wield pistols and swords, because that would be awesome.

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    Bumping because fuck yeah Dishonored.

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    I came here for discussion on Dishonored, I stayed for the cat butt.

    From what little I've heard this game is shaping up to be a really cerebral experience with lots of options as far as play style. The comparisons to Bioshock, Thief, and Deus Ex are pretty fitting. Fingers crossed.

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    I never heard of it until this recent trailer. Assassins Creed in the world of Thief with Bioshock abilities. Who'd've thunk?

    Also, cat asshole.

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    I've been following every piece of news about it since the first teaser.

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    To me, it looks like Bioshock with a Sherlock Holmes feel. All it needs now is a character with an over eccentric pipe and a side kick named Watson.

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