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Thread: The Dishonored Thread

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    The Dishonored Thread

    Dishonored is a game due 2012 being developed by Arkane Studios and to be published by Bethesda. Set in an alternate reality (turn-of-the-century Europe-esque) on the island of Gristol in the city of Dunwall, you play as Corvo, once highly regarded bodyguard of the Empress. This here is a tale of political intrigue and vengeance in a cool, industrial stylized universe. Not quite your typical steampunk.
    • FPS Adventure
    • Melee combat focused
    • Stealth is your best friend
    • Plague-carrying rats are your worse nightmare
    • Enemies require tactical takedowns
    • Facing more than one foe at a time is not a good idea

    I for one am pumped about this game. I'm glad to see the changes to the now hum-drum world of FPS. What are your thoughts? Too Bioshock-ey? Not enough ranged combat?

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    Doskias's Avatar
    102 posts since Feb 2011
    I've heard nothing about this game, but you have my attention. Hopefully it will be able to pull a Bioshock to get some attention in the pile of modern military shooters and whatnot.

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    Definitely. I love how it has Thief and Assassin's Creed elements. Mindless shooting is fun and all, but getting up close and personal sounds even better to me.

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    Huh... Cautious optimism engaged.

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    TheRemedy's Avatar
    1,595 posts since Feb 2008

    If that art style seems familiar it's because the lead artist on Half-Life 2 is the lead artist on this game. And one of the main guys behind the Thief series and Deus Ex is a creative director as well.

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    I had a feeling, looking at the enemies in the first image posted. This really looks and sounds like it'll be simply fantastic. I've learned not to get my hopes up to high, tho.

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    Scroll's Avatar
    2,316 posts since Sep 2008

    I'd rather like a steam punk Deus Ex with combat from Dark messiah.

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    OscarGe's Avatar
    41 posts since Jul 2011
    It sounds really interesting, so I'll definitely keep my eyes on it. And like Doskias said, it may be the next "Bioshock".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scroll View Post
    I'd rather like a steam punk Deus Ex with combat from Dark messiah.


    I haven't played Dark Messiah

    Is Dark Messiah awesome? Because I'm imagining a steampunk Deus Ex and am loving it.

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    PappaDukes's Avatar
    13,591 posts since Mar 2007

    Color me excited!

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    TheRemedy's Avatar
    1,595 posts since Feb 2008

    Dark Messiah of Might of Magic was a first person action-rpg that was heavilly physics baseed. It's on steam here.

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    I'll have to look into that in the near future, it looks pretty darn good!

    Kinda surprised I didn't grab up any M&M games with all of the Steam sales I partake in.

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    Scroll's Avatar
    2,316 posts since Sep 2008

    You can kick people in Dark Messiah, and other less interesting stuff.

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    You make it sound like Postal 2 with a sword.

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    GameJudge's Avatar
    84 posts since Aug 2011

    Whoa. It seems like it borrows elements from Deus Ex and Half Life 2 as well as a European sort of feel to it, somehow.

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    Scroll's Avatar
    2,316 posts since Sep 2008

    Quote Originally Posted by M47R1X View Post
    You make it sound like Postal 2 with a sword.
    Yeah kinda, the stabby stabby is pretty good.

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    Can you piss on stuff?

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    Scroll's Avatar
    2,316 posts since Sep 2008

    Nope but you can freeze the ground and make people fall down stairs. Good enough?

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    So long as they make pleasant squishy sounds, then yes, that'll do.

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    Scroll's Avatar
    2,316 posts since Sep 2008

    But yeah you can be inventive with the tools the game gives you. It doesn't always require that much invention to play successfully which is a shame and as far as story goes it falls very short providing anything for the player to care about.

    So far it looks like Dishonored could fix a lot of that due to having some more interesting pedigre behind it and what looks like a very interesting universe that they've built their game on.

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