Dishonored is a game due 2012 being developed by Arkane Studios and to be published by Bethesda. Set in an alternate reality (turn-of-the-century Europe-esque) on the island of Gristol in the city of Dunwall, you play as Corvo, once highly regarded bodyguard of the Empress. This here is a tale of political intrigue and vengeance in a cool, industrial stylized universe. Not quite your typical steampunk.
  • FPS Adventure
  • Melee combat focused
  • Stealth is your best friend
  • Plague-carrying rats are your worse nightmare
  • Enemies require tactical takedowns
  • Facing more than one foe at a time is not a good idea

I for one am pumped about this game. I'm glad to see the changes to the now hum-drum world of FPS. What are your thoughts? Too Bioshock-ey? Not enough ranged combat?