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Thread: Do You Support Independent Retailers?

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    Do You Support Independent Retailers?

    Simple question, really. Do you just buy your games digitally, through Amazon/Ebay, retail chains like EB Games, independent stores, etc?

    I ask this because recently, my work has gotten shafted since we're an independent retailer, and while I won't go into detail, you can read about it HERE

    Back to the question however. If you do, what are the pros and cons that you've experienced? Do you prefer them? Did you like them before it was "cool"?

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    I've always shopped mom 'n pop over corporate. You find gems in there. You get deals in there. You make friends in there. You're around your kind, not just people who think that they're your kind. You might find someone who likes an old system, but you'll find people who own those old systems, love them and continue to champion them in an independent store. That's got a lot to do with the fact that you'll find people who play Saturn games in a place that still sells Saturn games.

    GameStop is not as bad as going to places like Best Buy or Walmart. Those folks only know what came out in the past two months, and only give a shit about the "YO DAWG LOOK AT THUH GRAFFIXX" glut of shit that gets pumped out into the sales channels. You aren't likely to find someone willing or able to wax poetic about Okami in those stores.

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    Unfortunately there aren't many independent retailers near where I am (I think there's maybe one, and it's kinda out of the way).
    So, I usually resort to Gamestop or Amazon or whatever. I don't do my game shopping at places like Target or whatever. At least at Gamestop the guys (at least the ones in the stores I visit) are pretty enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the products.

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    We had one (i think) independent retailer Eplay where i lived but all i remember is that the guy who worked there was kinda rude but they did have a GBA copy of a link to the past (Which i still regret not getting...) we had 2 games, 1 HMV, Eplay and a gamestation (favourite the people who worked there were amazing and the atmosphere...)

    Eplay closed, then one of the game stores. Game bought out Gamestation and alittle while later it had to close down

    Now all we have is 1 Game store and a HMV (does most electronics and its probably kicking the bucket soon). I used to buy most of my games online when i moved away for a year (from amazon or game etc) but recently I've been supporting my local Game store as its all I have left .-. also some of the Gamestation people work there

    I would love to have a local independent store like the one I got Pokémon blue from when I was a little ^-^

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    Where I'm from, I can only think of one major videogame retailer that sort of operates like GameStop. We do have a Toys "R" Us and another major toy store chain that look suspiciously similar to Toys "R" Us, but they don't know jack shit about selling games and only the consoles themselves are properly priced. So if I want to buy a game new (which I hardly do), I really only have one shop to go to.

    I almost always go independent because non-independent retailers here don't buy and sell used games, rarely have sales and take so long for older games to drop in price. I found this one used games shop that had the sheer audacity to set up their shop right in front of one major retail outlet. I won't be surprised of most of their stock came from that other shop.

    As for disadvantages, most independent retailers here only sell PS3 and 360 games. So if you want PC, handheld or previous gen games, you're out of luck. You have to understand that in my country, prior to this console generation (as far as I know), buying original games wasn't a thing. So most of these independent retailers started out during this gen.

    I'm not entirely sure how knowledgeable these guys are in the products they are selling, but they are quick to inform you of any potential problems you might have with the game (such as the region lock in Persona 4 Arena, that time when L.A. Noire was rumoured to break older PS3s, or how you might not be able to play a European version of the game if you don't have an HDTV)
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    Same boat as Scion. Granted I've never made much of a effort to find them in the area. But even if I did, it'd prolly be cruddy like every other independent video store, ran by either a hispanic or vietnamese dude with a molasses-thick accent. Wouldn't be worth it supporting them at that point.

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    Most of my purchases have been and still are either by walking into a shop that sells games, primarily GAME and occasionally ordering from those sites online. I have also bought a few games via Amazon ect.

    But mostly it's all been walking in.

    I don't really see a pro or con. I mean it's handy if you can order a game and it comes to your door, but if I wanted a game really bad right now and had the money, the GAME shop is just a walk away and I can get it straight away without waiting a few days for postal delivery. And I might not be able to receive the postal delivery and therefore it could be sent back (if package was too big).

    I prefer having a physical copy than a digital one. But I also see the merits of digital copies of PC games on Steam.

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    My town doesn't even have one. We have a Grainger Games, we even have a Blockbuster still, no independent retailer though.

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    I'd support local business if it wasn't for GAME decimating the market. There's used to be indies back in the day, but when GAME expanded, that was the death knell. They either died out or managed to hang in there for a little longer because they diversified through game rentals.

    We have our fair share of indie record shops, but games-wise, it's a choice between GAME, CEX and HMV.

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    I've seen a few indie record shops that also sell games but I've never been aware of Indie game retailers over here.

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    The problem is the ones that existed here looked like shit.

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    Back home we have a Gamestop and that's it. You have to maybe go into the North to go to GAME and CEX. HMV is gone now so that's another retailer option vamooshed. Asda has been a place I've made game purchases too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stevil View Post
    I'd support local business if it wasn't for GAME decimating the market. There's used to be indies back in the day, but when GAME expanded, that was the death knell. They either died out or managed to hang in there for a little longer because they diversified through game rentals.

    We have our fair share of indie record shops, but games-wise, it's a choice between GAME, CEX and HMV.
    Not just GAME expanding, supermarkets getting involved would've also caused this and aren't far from killing most other stores, including the big boys such as GAME, HMV or other branded stores with markets outside of gaming and entertainment. The supermarket is the one place with bricks and mortar that could rival online prices and will continue to crush local business until we're left with just their mega stores on the edge of each town or city.

    I only know of one independent store in our area and I haven't visited it yet (it's fairly new), there used to be a few but even back then the prices were ridiculous and I just used them to get imports or gaming merch, something you wouldn't find in your typical Electronics Boutique that was here at the time.

    One thing that annoys me about the current situation is GAME being the sole retailer for collector's or other exclusive editions because they have the clout to get them, be that money or just the big face of game retail in the UK. I'm probably in the minority for buying what is mostly junk, but they could do with some competition in that area. The other annoyance is when I do go into these stores that there's barely a couple racks of actual new games, the store is flooded with mostly pre-owned crap and promotions to buy stuff that gives them the most revenue, hell I know that's the point of them existing, just wish it wasn't that way.

    As for music, I'll still support my independent store over the likes of HMV, I just like the vibes you get of a decent rock store. You can ask to listen to a track or two from an album you want while you browse the racks looking for a bargain or possibly discover something you haven't seen before. The opportunity to speak to someone who gives a shit about what they're selling could also lead you onto other things and expand your music library.

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    The only independent retailers that were around me went out of business years ago or have been barely limping to survive. And I refuse to shop at them (those that are still around here). Why? Because they used dirtier business practices then I think I'll ever see at a Gamestop or Wal-Mart.

    I generally do my game shopping at Gamestop since my Gamestop is ran by smart people who are also pretty game savvy and generally cool people.

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    I buy my board games from a local, independent retailer because they are super knowledgeable and friendly, even though I can get the games from Amazon for less money.

    Videogames, I'll almost always get from Amazon.

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    My brother and I frequently visit independent shops for old gaming gear, but they're usually not specifically tied to a gaming theme. We mostly just have pawn shops and the like. For games though, I've moved almost entirely to digital distribution, simply because I don't like having to find space for physical copies (And I game mainly on PC). Most of the games I play now are indie games anyway, and I think they've adapted very well to fit this era.

    Sorry to hear your store got shafted. Hopefully Dtoid gets on this story!
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    The only one in my area is about 40 minutes away from me on the other side of the city so it's a little outta my way. I typically only go to major chains if there is a sale on things I want. Otherwise the bulk of my purchases are online either through Amazon or directly from the publisher.

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    I purchase a lot of pre-owned games from GameStop. I mainly go there to see which games I can find under $3, and I've found plenty of great games for that price. I figure, at those prices, nobody is really getting hurt. There is a store in my area called Elite Games that specializes in vintage games and consoles. They sell a lot of great Playstation 2, Xbox and Nintendo Gamecube games for under $4. I recently picked up the first two Ty the Tasmanian Tiger games for $3 each. I love finding great deals like that.

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    I used to have a couple options around my area but I have had a bad experience each time I go with one of them and the other closed down. Game Haven was pretty cool if you wanted some older games but the store lacked any type of new games which really hurt them. Every time I went into Game Haven, the store usually had a couple people in there or no one at all. It was kinda sad, I went back into town two weeks ago only to discover that the store was closed. I guess they are just focusing on their Las Vegas location.

    Then I also have a card/video game shop known as CM Games. Ohhhh, I have had nothing but people that know nothing about video games or are just straight up dicks. I would ask them when they get games in and they shrug at me before saying "I dunno". Then I remember pre-ordering Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen there a little over a week before it released. On release day, I go in and they don't have it. Their response was "Oh, I thought that it was just an expansion for the game!" I kindly took my business to GameStop and got it there. I really want to support local business but you better not go in hoping to pick up a newer game.

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    I must be the only one with a mom 'n pop shop that knows what the fuck they're talking about and gives a legitimate damn. I really feel for all of you who don't have that as a viable option.

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