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Thread: Halo 4

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    Halo 4

    It's for sale now, you dinkus. Go and buy it, if you like. It's an okay game.

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    And teased as a new trilogy.


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    I'm pretty excited for it but then again, I'm a Halo fanboy. As per, the cinematic trailer says absolutely nothing but at least its confirmed.

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    I 'squeed' a little when I heard Cortana's voice.

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    is it Kinect? if so. don't really care about a rails halo.

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    I very much doubt it's Kinect. They probably would have announced it with the rest of the Kinect slurry, otherwise.

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    Bitch, you beat me to making the thread. Yeah, I'm glad this is a game which is happening. I'm still looking forward to the Halo Anniversary game more though.

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    Yeah, Anniversary will be the tits (I know this because I've seen a minute of footage). Not long to wait, too. November 15th. Mark it on your calendars.

    Also, it looked like Reach multiplayer. Will the maps be added onto Reach, then? I remember Phil Collins speculating this.

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    I don't care about the multiplayer to be honest. Co-op is all I care about.

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    I feel the same way about Halo 4, to be honest. Multiplayer is a bonus.

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    We'll see how the gameplay is for Halo 4. WE'LL SEE.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Brlghtslde View Post
    I very much doubt it's Kinect. They probably would have announced it with the rest of the Kinect slurry, otherwise.
    It's a MS product so it's almost gaurenteed to have some form of kinect functionality. They just weren't ready to show what that will be yet.

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    If they do have it, it'll be minimal - probably a "Better with Kinect" title. I don't think MS are stupid enough to put-off the average gamer. He said with trepidation.

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    This game will be so lame. Bungie should make a Marathon game to beat it into the ground.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Brlghtslde View Post
    pessimism, bitching

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    All we saw was a CGI trailer, given the facts I think I have a right to be pessimistic as fuck about it.

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    Exactly. There's nothing to suggest that it'll be good or bad.

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    All of you need to shut the fuck up until we see gameplay :P JOE.

    Will it have Kinect? Maybe.

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