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Thread: Halo 4

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    I'll be on this @ 10 then swap over to Gears when I get bored.

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    Decided to do some searching on region filters and Gears and found out Judgement took away DBNO. So now you just die, no more downing. And the Locust aren't in the campaign at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by usedtabe View Post
    And the Locust aren't in the campaign at all.
    What? That's pretty unbelievable.

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    Yep. People are going apeshit on the forums over there.

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    So, just finished Halo 4. 343i did the impossible: they actually made me care about the Chief as a character. So, there's that.

    In other news, I'll be playing MP a fair bit more now. If anyone wants to play, my GT is VoltySquirrel.

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    I've really grown to hate Haven.

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    Still responds to BLOO
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    Haven is a good map it's just overplayed to fucking death.

    Also, me and rob were on today but Usedtabe needs his sleep to prepare for the jesus dick tomorrow.

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    Did some digging on Gears3/Halo4 connection issues and it all boils down to Microsoft's cheapness. At Gears launch,they hosted the servers but now they contract them out in "clusters" to other companies. So based on where you live you get put in a "region" which could consist of any number of areas.

    Talked with support on Twitter today and dude first tried to act like matchmaking was fine till I pointed him to the 62 page thread on the halowaypoint forums and the twitter tag #Halo4Everyone. Then he tried to suggest amatuer connection troubleshooting like it was my end. So I asked him "if you know of a solution I can do on my end to make it so I only connect to players in the US I'm all ears".

    He replied there was no way he knew to do that, therefore acknowleding what everyone who's had to deal with this shit has known, it's MS fucking up,not our connections. I pushed further by stating that this is only a problem on Halo 4 and Gears 3, which coincidentally are governed completely by Microsoft's matchmaking system. His final solution was for me to suggest better regional filtering at a suggestion link.

    So this will continue to be an issue for future Microsoft Studios games. Even GOW:J will have the same flaws as Gears 3 because MS will again be "hosting" the servers. My guess is they favor finding a match quicker than they favor finding a better connection for everyone. Bungie had the option in Reach to search by connection and it worked. Microsoft is still rolling with the shitty Halo 2 matchmaking.

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    I feel really good about the yearly subscription I pay to get sub-PSN quality online gameplay. How would I ever know of the Big Mac without those McDonalds ads choking up my dashboard on loadup?

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    I'm seriously considering that or just switching to PC gaming. I pay $60 a year to get lumped in with Canada/Mexico because that's what they have my region determined as. Fuck that.

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    Yeah, PC is the way I see myself drifting towards next gen. The games are cheaper and there's none of this "give-me-money-and-I'll-give-you-advertisements-in-exchange" bullshit.

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    Sony's doing it right with PS+. You're actually getting content that is worth paying for that you can't get elsewhere for free. Same cost, vastly superior bonuses to the consumer.

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    We'll see how it ends up but I see myself drifting from MS more and more unless they adopt a set-up similar to PS+. At the VERY effing least remove ads from Gold subscribers. Their little scratch-off thing is a cheap way out of the "well we give free shit too" deal considering maybe 75 people a week manage that.

    I blocked their stupid ad server on my router ages ago but the spinning wheel deals are annoying.

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    Gonna be on this tomorrow night.

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    They removed King of the Hill. The fuck?

    I want to love this game but so many things are fucked about it right now.

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    I think it's time that me and Master Chief take a trip to Gamestop today, because that is just beyond fucking dumb. I've got too many other shooters competing for my time to dawdle with 343's bullshit.

    Maybe I'll use the money to get BLOPS 2 and try out for El Presador's clan. Then I can finally realize my dream of MLG stardom.

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    I wouldn't trade it in yet. They're (most likely) just doing what should have been done from the beginning, putting all objective gametypes together.

    They also cycled Slayer Pro out.

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    Somewhat infuriating on Legendary this game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by usedtabe View Post
    They also cycled Slayer Pro out.

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