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Thread: Halo 4

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    Only if they're spotted. Then you hold them in your mouth.

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    This thread right now.

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    The guy that looks like Rev that cleans our floors isn't here tonight, it's some big bald(ing) fat guy.

    His cover really was blown I guess, and Used pulled him out.

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    17,895 posts since Mar 2009

    Maybe they switch places you did say this new guy was FAT

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    I've been compromised. Jake was sending Usedtabe threatening emails telling him to stay away from me because of his jealousy issues, and I had to resign as a result.

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    Quote Originally Posted by de BLOO View Post
    Maybe they switch places you did say this new guy was FAT
    Why you gotta be so mean man you know I'm on a cut. *fatty tears*

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    Shout outs to Usedtabe killing himself 2 seconds into a match.

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    I saved that shit. Gonna fuck around in theater mode tomorrow to put something together.

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    God damn Jdawg kept me up too late talking about politics, video games, life, cars, Supernatural and movies.


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    It's a shame that discussion got awkward earlier, because it had potential. The only problem is everyone has their own definitions of the terms. You'd have to agree to what those words even mean in order to broach the larger question, which is a task people have struggled with since forever.

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    I'm talking about after everybody left and it was just a party consisting of me in campaign and Jdawg in who knows what. That politics talk earlier on was a bad idea.

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    Hector Garfria's Avatar
    17,895 posts since Mar 2009

    I wouldn't say so, what was being discussed just had to stop because someone got hard-headed and in turn someone got hot-headed.

    The Maths were there, some of us just don't want to believe them.

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    Jdawg did start raising his voice to talk over ya. But he's young so he might not have realized it really.

    I've been in his position, about 7-8 years ago. I ran a newspaper route before work to make ends meet and would get sucked into AM Talk Radio. I was naive to buy into everything because of the slick presentation and a few good points that were made instead of just agreeing that there were good points and listening objectively. But if you've never listened to it you wouldn't understand how much they preach about being under constant attack from "Liberals" and the "Liberal Media". It literally makes you want to treat any political discussion as a battle for your side, and a win helps your cause immensely. I'm not trying to dismiss Jdawg's position I just know where's he's coming from though I've moved on from that politically.

    imo. I could be wrong and just supplanting my own experience for his.

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    Hector Garfria's Avatar
    17,895 posts since Mar 2009

    I still love the dude. Can't hate him. I sent him a message apologizing for getting heated and he's cool with it.

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    It's impossible to not love Jdawg. I found the diamond in the Xbox Live rough.

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    This sucks. Work is way too slow today.

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    Going to Walmart today and getting some Doritos and diet Mountain Dew. DOUBLE XP FOREVER.

    Love my emblem:

    Wish I could put symbols in the call sign. And need to pick a better shade of purple, nigga looking gay with just pink on.

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    Hector Garfria's Avatar
    17,895 posts since Mar 2009

    Fuck man, am I going to have to get this dew and get wetwork tonight?

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    Man what a bunch of cheaters with double xp.

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