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Thread: Halo 4

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    We played against some real idiots tonight.

    "Oh, there's a warthog sitting there with somebody on the turret and three guys standing around it? Let me go welcome them to the neighborhood."

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    Highlight of my Halo night was Rob's roommate shitting all over him for not going to "score fat chicks" at the "James Bond movie".

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    That dude was bugging out. And over James Bond, of all things. You'd think someone had just robbed him of something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClownBaby View Post
    "Spartan's never die" is the saying for them in-universe.

    343i didn't even include drivable forklifts wtf

    Also, someone's trying to make a list of all of Halo 4's shortcomings:

    Hopefully the next title update'll fix most of this shit.

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    Campaign needs the most fixing.

    Quote Originally Posted by ClownBaby View Post
    I have to admit Tarvu, all your hating makes me wanna get the game even more just to see for myself.
    Maybe I am a master of reverse psychology.

    Or not. Do get the game if you want to multiplayer all the things though. That's alright.

    Anybody else tried jumping around the back of a Pelican yet? You go flying because 343 make bad.

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    Just finished the campaign. Didn't get any achievements or the helmet because I didn't 'save and quit' on one level. Poo.

    Also, there wasn't nearly enough interaction between Chief and the Spartan IVs. Could have been interesting.

    Legendary ending is kinda cool, though, however trite the narration is. Such a cocktease, too.

    Overall, pretty boring campaign. Real shame. If it weren't for the mp, this'd be my most disappointing game of the year.

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    There's a sizeable chunk for Legendary, which I don't mind. If I wanted to get them all finding somebody who wanted to burn through that shit in co-op on Heroic might be hard.

    I would have liked to see more Chief interaction with the Spartan-IVs, since to them he must be like the goddamn archetype for how awesome they should be.


    The post-credits thing I saw (on Heroic) indicates more of the fucking same as the last trilogy in the next two games to me. Lame.

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    Post-season one? The game is nowhere near that bad.

    "Press LT to plant grenade."

    I'm playing 'Reclaimer' now. If vehicles are damaged when you get a checkpoint, you can just revert to the last save and have it fully repaired. Ha.

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    The level with the Pelican is so lazy. Try railgunning the Pelican when you've parked up. It'll respawn instantly upon destruction. Also, jumping around the back hatch causes you to get flung away.

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    Not to mention boring. How could they fuck up a level where you get to fly a Pelican? Fans have wanted it for so many years.

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    And they decided to remodel Longswords as Harrier jump jets or some shit. That section was shit too. Way too many retarded vehicle segments. Master Chief isn't even an ex-test pilot for Oni or whatever the player was meant to be in Reach.

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    MASTER CHIEF CAN DO ANYTHING. Never-before-seen-by-human-eyes weapon? Yeah, I'll use it. Mech developed while I was in cryosleep? No problem.

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    Got all of the Legendary achievements, but apparently I haven't completed the first mission on Legendary. How...?

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    To be fair most Halo games are easy to confuse. I had a profile for CE somewhere where the Library was locked while every other level was completed.

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    The armour unlocks in 3 were always like this, in my experience. But that could of just been because I was a spastic thirteen year-old.

    Did a little research and it must've been because the connection to Live was interrupted. Oh well. I will get this helmet today.

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    Hector Garfria's Avatar
    17,894 posts since Mar 2009

    Just so you can pretend your MC when you play MP?

    There's been more and more losers sporting the MC gear with diarrhea green colors pretending they saved the galaxy.

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    Beats pretending to be in an animé sporting Hayabusa.

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    Quote Originally Posted by de BLOO View Post
    Just so you can pretend your MC when you play MP?
    Nope. So I can get the xp and the coolio helmet and visor colour. Looks much better than all of the other shit. Plus my Spartan's a GIRL. No girls named John. Well...

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    I bet there are.

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    *No gun-toting, steroid-abusing, crew-cut girls named John.


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