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Thread: Halo 4

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    Well if you have a much better PC headset lying around it is so worth it. The official 360 headsets are horrid.

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    Tried selling KD on getting this last night for a bit. He said he's gonna ask Bloo how it really is because I always do that salesperson type shit.

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    I'm using astros. But my pair have been fucked for a while. I have to use the integrated mic on them, as the long mic (?) has internal damage. And the internal mic keeps flipping over and rubbing on my shirt, so I use a fucking peg to keep if facing upwards. I'm also pretty sure that the amp that I run input and output through messes shit up too; when I'm on my desktop, I have to use splitters for the input to avoid sending it through the amp as it makes it much quieter.

    I suppose with some extra wires I could buy the adapter you're talking about to bypass the amp for input. I'll investigate.

    hope you made sense of that, i'm terrible at explaining tech stuff

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    Quote Originally Posted by usedtabe View Post
    custom matches
    Da fuck?!?! You know I'm trying to get dat exp. Not all of us can stomach Mountain Dew, bitch.

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    Hector Garfria's Avatar
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    I just had some poptarts with milk.

    No farting.

    It was the tamale.

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    My prayers were answered.

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    I think Gametrailers review was pretty solid for Halo 4.

    An annoyance story wise:


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    Opened cause DGAF about Halo spoilers.

    Answer to the last bit.

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    It's going to be like post-Roddenberry Star Trek. Politics and shit. Boring as balls.

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    Konnery's Avatar
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    My balls are pretty exciting, though.

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    Most poorly made and illogical Halo campaign ever.

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    Konnery's Avatar
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    I enjoyed it, though there's a lot of holes and areas that could use a lot more fleshing out considering how half the basis of the campaign was a wild curve ball even for a fan of the books. It came off as poorly planned in order to fabricate an excuse for more Halo games.

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    I have to admit Tarvu, all your hating makes me wanna get the game even more just to see for myself.

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    Usedtabe, when you getting on this shit? I thought you said you'd be playing this all day. You lied.

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    Surprise white man lied

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    I said I'd be on tonight and most of Sunday. Lili's birthday party was today so I know you niggas lying on me.
    Be on in an hour.

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    Went up 10 levels in 18 matches. Thank you mountain dew.

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