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Thread: Halo 4

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    BadStar's Avatar
    2,771 posts since Nov 2008

    Community playdate tonight. Get hype.

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    What time does it start and how long does it run to?

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    BadStar's Avatar
    2,771 posts since Nov 2008

    8-11 Eastern.

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    Hah. Ends when I'm getting on. Don't get too Halo'd out with all those scrubs.

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    It's all about having fun, Used.

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    That's what I thought too. But then I played in the last one. I only signed up because I thought we were going to go against the staff. Instead it was me and Star leading teams of scrubs against each other.

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    Maybe you should have tried offering helpful tips and friendly encouragement. If we work together, we can overcome anything.

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    That shit really trolled me when I was drunk the other night fucker. I was literally getting a little asspained.

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    Usedtabe's weakness: Kindness.

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    Hector Garfria's Avatar
    17,900 posts since Mar 2009

    BadStar is dumb, Flood IS just zombies. They just got some make up on to look like flood.

    Look at this, me being dominant like usual:

    But guess what, the game ended in a tie! This gametype doesn't tally up the total points to declare the winner, just whatever the score was last round. What kind of bullshit is that, get a fucking abacus Flood gametype.

    BadStar confirmed Taste Cancer sufferer. Hopefully that chemo comes with WuTang albums and a bluray collection of The Wire to help get you back on track.

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    BadStar's Avatar
    2,771 posts since Nov 2008

    The Wire probably sucks because I've never watched it.

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    There are some things that you just do not troll about.

    As a matter of fact.

    Serious note: I've been using the Suppressor on King of the Hill and Oddball. Up close, there is no other starting weapon greater than it. It's perfect for game modes and maps where there's not a lot of distance between players.

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    ClownBaby's Avatar
    15,666 posts since Feb 2007

    I don't know what this stuff means but just saw this on reddit

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    Reddit is slower than Bloo, CONFIRMED.

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    Hector Garfria's Avatar
    17,900 posts since Mar 2009

    Reddit is the most retarded thing only white people use to pretend they're hip with the internet.

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    ClownBaby's Avatar
    15,666 posts since Feb 2007

    I saw that he had one, didn't know if he had the full set or what.

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    Hector Garfria's Avatar
    17,900 posts since Mar 2009

    Here's a website just for this code stuff


    There is one more code that needs cracking, but there's rumblings that people have left over symbols from possibly newer codes all together.

    As always, I'll be there to use their free labor and reap the reward.

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    Sounds mighty White of you Bloo.

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    Hector Garfria's Avatar
    17,900 posts since Mar 2009

    On the contrary, bitchfaggot, the only people tinkering on their computers to decode this shit are clearly white kids who love the lore, collect books and shit, and have a halo tattoo.

    This is reverse slavery.

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    "Reverse slavery"

    So you're setting them free?

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