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Thread: Gamescom 2011

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    Gamescom 2011

    2009 thread
    2010 thread

    Let's do this.

    Most of you lovely people will know what gamescom is but if you don't then I will refer you to this rather than copy pasting or even just making my own crappy explanation.

    I wanna see how people I know here are going and even how many people I don't know here are going. It's all about seeing those games and making new friends

    I wont be at the entire event, sadly. My sister has a wedding on the 20th. I'll be there on Thursday and Friday though.

    Available dates.

    Also, Beccy is cool peoples. Just had to say it.

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    You should get married when she is planning a holiday, it's only fair.

    Hey hey hey hey we should totally sit next to each other on the flight there and be all awesome and stuff.

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    I hope I've got a window seat, or else the 18 year combo will have been broken.

    Also, ^_____________^

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    I hope the plane doesn't crash, otherwise I'll have a twenty year streak.

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    If the plane crashes I will not feel bad at all for saying that your plane was going to crash a while ago.

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    Mebbe it will crash on an undiscovered island in the English channel and it'll be like LOST.

    Except, y'know, not shit.

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    "Dear gamescom friend!

    The countdown has begun - gamescom 2011 will launch again with full thrust in August. The world's largest trade fair and event highlight for interactive games and entertainment opens its doors for you, from 18th-21st August.

    gamescom welcomes two renowned return exhibitors: SEGA and Capcom. The other industry key players will be on hand, too, presenting their games highlights and hardware innovations. Touching the exhibits is expressly encouraged!

    Aside from the games fun in the halls, other indoor and outdoor events, exciting contests and sensational live acts also await you. So come, get in the know and join in the fun!

    We'll see you in August in Cologne. Celebrate the games!

    Your gamescom Team"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Brlghtslde View Post


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    Quote Originally Posted by Tarvu View Post

    It seems I haven't replied in 2 months. Sorry about that. :/

    I can't come this year, but I'm trying to go next. Speaking of which, do any Gamescom veterans have any tips for travel/accommodation? We're a party of seven, and we really have no clue. Myself, and the rest of us, are just babes of 17 and need some guidance.

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    Hatguy is a babe of just 17 until next month. For accommodation we're relying on Hollie to have something sorted out, she and the other veteran euro Dtoiders know about such things.

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    If not I'm cool for just staying in a pub all night.

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    I doubt the pub would be cool with it. Unless German pubs are that cool.

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    I imagine the Germans are used to it. Us British people are rather poor as Sven said.

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    How much did it cost for each person this year?

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    Uh... well we made an estimate of at least around 300 per person. Would bump that up to 400 including fun times and 800 for incurable alcoholics.

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    The 800 estimate was originally for him anyway.

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    Right. Well we estimated 700, so we're not far off. Thanks.

    Will many - if any - people be going next year?

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    I should be able to go next year too. I'll have a lot more money then and hopefully I can plan my 6 weeks leave to coincide with gamescom and PAX.

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