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Thread: Destructoid Forums Rules and New User Posting Guide

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    Destructoid Forums Rules and New User Posting Guide

    Welcome to the Destructoid Forums! Abandon hope all ye who enter here. This is a place for all Dtoiders to congregate and discuss topics such as Destructoid itself, video games, music, films, toilet humor and everything in between. The atmosphere here is mostly informal, so expect a mixture of serious discussion, sarcastic banter, and the occasional rape joke. We like to keep things casual, however there are still some rules that we require everyone to adhere to in order to keep drama to a minimum.

    Destructoid Forum Rules:

    1: Don't Be A Douche: If you have an issue or disagreement with someone on the Forums, resolve it with civility. Do not resort to flaming, trolling, personal attacks, cliquely elitism, or harassment of any sort. If someone is doing any of these things to you, use the Ignore feature or notify the Mods and we will handle it. Continuing to engage them will only make the situation worse. That said, please keep in mind that community members here often joke around with and poke fun at each other. Try to recognize the difference between good natured ribbing and actual harassment before you report someone for abuse.
    Also, please introduce yourself when you're new here.

    2: Do Not Post Or Link To Inappropriate Content: Racism, anti-gay bigotry, pornography, and potentially illegal content are not welcome here. This includes links to copywritten material or other things that could potentially result in letters from lawyers. You can discuss these things, but don't share them here. There are plenty of ways to contact people outside the Forums. Please see the Image Posting/Linking Guidelines for more information on what exactly is and is not allowed to be posted on the Forums.

    3: Do Not Haze Or Harass New Users: Joking around with the Fresh Meat is one thing, outright attacking them is another. Somewhere along the way this line became blurred. If a newb is messing up, constructively guide them in the right direction or bring the user to the attention of the mods. If they flip out at your attempts to help them, it's best to just let it go instead of making the situation worse. This is not your personal Gotham City, and you are not the Batman. Remember that everyone here was a newb at one point. Treat them the way you would want to be treated if you were new and unfamilar with a community.

    4: Do Not Threadjack For Your Own Amusement: Threads will go off-topic from time to time, however this does not mean you are welcome to derail a thread at whim. Occasionally this will happen in the form of spontaneous memes, but when the same users continually disrupt conversations by spamming image macros or inane one-sentence posts it becomes a problem. Show respect for your fellow Dtoiders by not marking your territory in an ongoing discussion.

    5: Post In The Right Section: Make sure your topic is in the right category and don't create pointless duplicate threads. If your topic is already covered elsewhere or is the vein of "Hey guys check out this funny thing I found", don't make a new thread for it. Use the search feature and go back a few pages in the relevant categories to make sure your thread idea hasn't already been done. If you spot a duplicate thread, please post a link to the existing thread and notify a Mod so we can lock or merge the new one.

    6: Don't Start Threads/Post Just To Spam/Self Promote/Post Referral Links: If your only purpose in registering for our forum is to tell us about your clan recruitment drive, crowdfunding project, Let's Play channels, gaming blog, or MMO gold offer you are doing it wrong. You can share links to your personal blog/YouTube account/whatever in your introduction thread, but if you don't follow that up with actual efforts to integrate into our community expect swift justice from our Spam Hammer. If you're a game developer, you can make ONE thread for your title in the Promote Your Game forum. Make an intro thread and tell us who you are before you start shilling, or you will not get a good reaction.

    7: Don't Label Threads As "Official Destructoid [WHATEVER]": Advertisers and site newbies might have trouble distinguishing your stuff from legit official site stuff and that creates problems for the bosses. Additionally, because new threads may appear on the front page do not use uncensored profanity in thread titles.

    8: Think Before You Post: This is a public forum and anyone (parents, bosses, parole officers) can read what you're posting. Don't put us in the position of having to protect you from your own stupidity and poor judgment when it comes to sharing compromising pictures of yourself or posting about your illicit activities over the weekend. Remember, once someone quotes your post you lose the ability to delete the evidence.

    9: Have Fun, Don't Suck: Make sure your "fun" wouldn't come across as fail to other forum users. Sucking is defined as anything that disturbs the flow of the forums in a negative way and will be judged on a case by case basis. If you notice someone sucking politely point out how they can correct it. If that doesn't work than either use the ignore function or report an example of how they are sucking to the mods so we can intervene.

    10: Advertisement for your games: If you are a community member that created a game, you are welcome to introduce it to the community with a thread. Just dumping advertising posts/threads for your game if you are a dev however is against the rules. Those threads will be treated as Spam.

    11: Everything Else: Other rules will be added as needed, so act responsibly and be respectful of each other. This list isn't set in stone. If an issue arises that we feel violates the spirit of the Forums or causes potential trouble for the site we will step in and modify the rules as needed to accommodate the situation. The Mods reserve the right to lock, delete, and edit any posts or threads if we deem it necessary.

    Guide for New Users:

    It's strongly recommended that you make an intro thread in the Meet & Greet section. If you don't, we'll nag you mercilessly until you do. Tell us about yourself: your favorite video games, your hobbies, criminal record, STD test results, anything you think makes you a unique snowflake. This helps us get to know you and speeds your integration into the community. Unlike many other forums, we actually care about that sort of thing here. If you don't know what to write, take a look at some of the other intro threads to get an idea of what we're looking for in your introduction.

    New users are subject to a moderation period. This is to help cut down on the amount of spammers and trolls sucking up the place. Your initial posts may go to a queue to await moderator approval, and Private Messaging will be disabled until you reach 10 posts. Keep in mind if you make edits to approved posts while you're still in the moderation period, your post will be sent back into the queue. You will also be branded with Reggie Fils-Aimeat, the patron saint of Destructoid Forum noobs. His hideous visage will disappear once you graduate from Fresh Meat status.

    You want stinking badges? We have them! Badges act similar to Achievements or Trophies on the Forums. A complete list of all current badges and how to earn them can be found here. If you've met the requirements for a badge, post your evidence in the Badge Request thread. If you have any ideas for new badges, please share them in the Badge Ideas Thread. Keep in mind if the idea isn't related to Destructoid, the community, Dtoid-related memes, or video games, we probably aren't interested in making it a badge.

    You'll notice some users have custom titles below their name. Another community member must suggest a title for you, these usually relate to Forum in-jokes. The longer you hang around and get to know the people here, the more likely it is someone will recommend a title for you. You may reserve the right to refuse any suggested titles if you so wish.

    While you're just starting out treat this place like you would if you were a guest in someone else's house. Take some time to get the feel of the community and how it operates before you start tracking your muddy shoes all over. If you're confused, ask questions. If one of the longtime members calls you out on your behavior and tries to explain how things work around here, it's probably in your best interest to pay attention to them. Acting like a thin-skinned, egotistical blowhard right out of the gate won't win you any friends.

    If you have an issue that requires the attention of a moderator, please use the Report Post feature. At the bottom of every post you'll see a small icon (the triangle with an exclamation point), click on this to send a message to the Mod team. This will notify us of any problems so we can address them in a timely fashion. If you need to contact the Mods before you are granted access to PMs, please use the Contact Us link at the bottom left of the Forums.

    Your Forum Moderation team is Jon Bloodspray, Mr Andy Dixon, Nihil, panchromatic, and OpiumHerz. If you have any questions or concerns about the Forums, please contact one of us and we'll do our best to assist you.

    Hugs & Kisses: The Mods
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